Residential Land Bulletin

Residential Land BulletinAuthor, editor and data analyst for the Residential Land Bulletin from June 2007 to June 2008 – a quarterly publication produced by the Spatial Analysis and Research branch of the DTPLI, formerly DPCD.


Residential Land Bulletin

The Bulletin covers information about residential development activity across metropolitan Melbourne.  The publication covers statistics and commentary about lots produced, lots released and building approvals at a Local Government Area (LGA) level.


■ Pipeline indicators for residential development indicate an increase for metropolitan Melbourne since the March 2007 quarter.

■ Increases were recorded in the June 2007 quarter for residential lots in subdivision plans (up 7.3%), certification of residential lots (up 7.4%), residential lots released (up 15.9%) and dwelling approvals (up 15.3%) compared to the March 2007 quarter. A slight decline was recorded for new water supply approvals (down 7.2%) from the March 2007 quarter.

■ Dwelling approvals in inner Melbourne have increased (up 100%) over the last four quarters ending June 2007 compared to the previous four quarters (September 2005 to June 2006).