If you’ve stumbled across my site, welcome. I’m Kelly O’Donnell.

I live in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne and love to connect with people from all over the world.

I’m an Excel techy person, I’ve done a bit of digital marketing plus a lot of other stuff too.

I’ve worked as a consultant data analyst and writer, and academic. I’ve also played around with GIS databases and way, way back I was even a Cartographer (map maker).

I’m currently writing my first book and am using this blog to explore topics, write about different topics and help others who are navigating their way through life – whether it’s health, fitness, juggling family life, looking after your wellness, this new chapter of my blog will explore that and more.

Got a question? Send me an email using the contact form. Want to have your article featured on my blog? Head over to view some information about guest blogging.

Remember, life is about having fun and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Kelly x


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