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I’m Kelly O’Donnell and I’m based in Melbourne. I don’t let fears stop me from trying new things and I hope you get some inspiration and tips after reading my blog.

I’m a Wellness Advocate, runner, mountain biker (new to it and loving it), mum, research consultant and trying to write my first book. I’ve tried to start my own business but moved on from that now to focus on writing for pleasure.

I hope that you will join me on my journey and take your life to a new level…..

New on the blog

Here’s How to Improve Your Company’s Online Content

A lot of companies now make use of online content as a way to appeal to people and make their websites easier to find for their target consumers. However, that doesn’t mean that all companies are good at using content in this way. There are a few things...

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Practical Steps to Being More Mindful at Work

Mindfulness is a bit of a buzzword of late; and in many cases, sounds like an ideology rather than anything that you can execute practically. Think about your daily life at work or at home, how can you practice being more mindful when your to-do list is...

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Is Your Website Exciting Enough?

When people want to find out information about your company the first place they will visit is your website. A website is like an online window to your brand and it allows people to find out a lot more about who you are as a company and what you can offer....

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Simple Steps Towards Making Your Business Safer

If there’s one thing that you should be working on right now, it’s the safety of your business. There are some safety issues that businesses have always had to face and they probably always will have to in the future as well. But there are other areas in...

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Whatever Your Branding, It Could Use More Green

Just in case you weren’t aware… It’s no longer the ‘80s. Lots of consumers today don’t know who Gordon Gekko is, nobody considers greed a virtue and few things are more toxic to your branding than chasing a profit for profit’s sake. In an age where a...

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