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Need an SEO copywriter?

One who understands technical SEO too?

Great, you've come to the right place.

I’m Kelly and I’m based in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

If your website is ranking below your competitors, or you've been quoted an astronomical monthly SEO management fee, I can customise an SEO package to suit your businesses needs.



Website health check-up 

Technical SEO audit with a comprehensive report

Know where your website stands


Prioritised SEO

You won't waste money on unecessary tasks

Implement as much as you like


Regular website monitoring

Any issues fixed quickly

Authority built slowly, but surely, for long-lasting impact


How are my SEO services different?

  • There’s no suss back links here and I don’t try and fool Google. 
  • I know what Google likes and I know what your customers like too.
  • There's no clunky copy that's full of keywords and doesn't read well.
  • Your copy will be written for your customers first, then optimised for Google.
  • I build links one by one.
  • I carefully research your keywords to optimise each new piece of content.
  • I blend your SEO with your digital marketing strategy for enhanced online visibility.
  • I offer a strategic and personalised approach to SEO. One that starts with a technical SEO audit of your site and its content.
  • I make sure you understand what's going on.

For tailored SEO to suit your business, get in touch for an obligation-free chat.

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