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I’m Kelly O’Donnell and I’m based in Melbourne. I don’t let fears stop me from trying new things and I hope you get some inspiration and tips after reading my blog.

I’m a Wellness Advocate, runner, mountain biker (new to it and loving it), mum, research consultant and trying to write my first book. I’ve tried to start my own business but moved on from that now to focus on writing for pleasure.

I hope that you will join me on my journey and take your life to a new level…..

New on the blog

How To Set Up A Home Office

Around the home, you’re always going to want to ensure that you have everything you need. Your home is your safe haven. It’s where you will feel most comfortable. It’s somewhere where you want to feel happy. And it adds to your quality of life. And even if...

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Make Working From Home Work For You

You may think that having a job or business that you can do from home is the ideal scenario. Enabling you to manage your time and work what suits you. Having that home and work life balance just right, and being able to relax such as being able to avoid...

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How to Make your Store Front Stand Out

Making your store stand out can be difficult. After all, you have to try and get it all done under budget and you also have to make sure that you take into account the needs of your customers as well. This can be hard work, especially when you think about...

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Quick Guide To Improving UI Design

User interface (UI) design is focused on foreseeing what your user may need to do and making certain that the interface of your solution has elements that facilitate those actions while being easy to use, understand, and access. Despite the concept being...

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Tips for Keeping up a Regular Writing Routine on the Go

All around the world, people dream of becoming professional writers of one stripe or another. Some dream of writing novels and sharing their stories and imaginative creations with the world, while others thrive on the idea of becoming successful and highly...

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How To Make Your Customers Trust Your Business

Businesses are built around their customers, yet it’s sometimes surprising how little companies seem to understand what their customers need, want, and expect from the businesses they give their money to. One of the biggest things that entrepreneurs need...

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