Small Business Security Tips You Need to Know

Small Business Security Tips You Need to Know

on Mar 27, 2024 in Small business

Small business security is just as vital as any other. In fact, given the potentially limited revenue and the negative impact, it may even be more critical. Fortunately, you have more control than you think with technologies like user access control and remote smart security.

Hazards, Storage and Accountability

There are many hazards, no matter what kind of business you are involved in. Most of them are related to the storage of products, which can be inherently dangerous. For example, imagine storing heavy products on sub-standard, generic pallets. There may be a collapse or tipping issue. Custom wooden crates are designed to fit specific attributes of the job at hand. This means a much lower chance of a dangerous incident during an attempted theft or neglect.

Access Control Across a Site

Theft and privacy are major issues when it comes to business. In fact,most business thefts are perpetrated by employees. For this reason alone, it is a good idea to install user access control systems across the business. This assigns levels of access to authorised people. It can be as simple as a code or keycard to access valuable storage areas. Or you can even install biometrics. User access control can also be assigned to computer systems and EPOS.

Small Business Security and Cyber Attacks

We can’t really mention business safety without bringing cyberspace into it. Cybersecurity is a major challenge for every business, and some of the worlds largest with complex IT systems have been compromised. But don’t think you aren’t also a target. Hackers attack SMBswith malware and ransomware, costing on average $39,000 to fix according to the ASD. Ask yourself, can your small business really withstand that kind of cost and survive an attack?

Remote Smart Security Solutions

Smart technology is one of the most exciting of modern times. Because of our always-connected world, we can use remote systems that use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. For your SMB, you can link CCTV, remote locks and user access controls to apps on your phone. Within the apps, you can change settings on the fly in an instant. You can also be alerted to any activity that occurs on-site and see what is going on, all without having to leave the comfort of home.

Employee Vetting and Assessment

As mentioned, employees are responsible for most business thefts. During the hiring process it is best to take your time and make necessary checks. For example, checking criminal backgrounds if you have valuable items on site. This might seem extreme, but there are good reasons for vetting employees. One of the key reasons is health and safety. While some people might steal items, there are also bad actors who pose a risk to the safety of other employees.


Containing hazards and preventing incidents rely on solid small business security practices. This includes cybersecurity, which is just as ubiquitous for SMBs as it is for large corporations. It also helps to ensure employee safety by vetting candidates for violent criminal backgrounds.

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