Kelly O\'Donnell profile

Hi, I’m Kelly O'Donnell

If you’ve stumbled across my site welcome. I live in Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs and you’re probably wondering who I am.

"Life is tough and we don’t always get it right. So I’m here to share content about managing mental health issues, work-life balance, working from home, motivation and fitness plus some work-based stuff too.

These are the things that I’d like to make some noise about online. So please join me."

Where to next?

So here’s my story

Well I’m a mum, Melbourne based blogger, digital marketer plus I’m a Microsoft Surface Brand Ambassador and I do a lot of other stuff too. But I wasn’t always doing what I am now. I worked as a consultant data analyst and writer, academic, I’ve played around with GIS databases and way, way back I was even a Cartographer.

But I decided that what I really wanted to do was write full-time. So I did all I could do develop a new career as a writer. I built my own website, did writing courses and tried to start a business while working in another career. As part of trying to promote my business I got into digital marketing in a big way. Then the world opened up for me.  I realised I just loving doing the work and not the business side of things. So I closed my business.

Now I work in this arena full-time, with Forj Marketing. Digital marketing is always changing and I love it. I’m so glad I took the plunge and tried different things to work out what I really wanted to do in life. And I hope you follow your dreams and take a chance and try something new. So that’s me. Head over to the Forj Marketing website and check out the exciting things we do.