If you’ve stumbled across my site, welcome. I’m Kelly O’Donnell.

I live in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne but I can work with you no matter where you are.

I’m an SEO-techy person, digital marketer and I do a lot of other stuff too.

But I wasn’t always doing what I am now. I’ve worked as a consultant data analyst and writer, and academic. I’ve also played around with GIS databases and way, way back I was even a Cartographer.

Now I help small businesses manage their SEO. If your website is brand new and not coming up in search results, I can help set it up and monitor your search traffic.

If this has all been done, but you’ve noticed your site is slowly losing its ranking, an SEO audit will help solve the mystery. Then, we can do something about fixing up what’s wrong.

Need a way to keep up with your competitors? An ongoing SEO strategy with keyword research will help your site to build authority and ranking for not just one keyword, but lots.

I’m not promising to get you on page 1 within a month. Be wary of SEO agencies who do. Instead, I use white-hat SEO techniques to build quality links and combine this with digital marketing.

I work with Forj Marketing and together we help brands transition from traditional to digital marketing.

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