Why search intent should be an essential part of your SEO strategy

And how you can go about optimising for search queries Search intent should be a continual part of your SEO strategy. It is what helps drive new people and build traffic to your website and build brand awareness. It also helps to build trust by providing content that answers questions. What is search intent? Search […]

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Mid-life crisis career change


A career change at 40 something now equals a mid-life crisis Or so it seems My dad worked in the same company for his entire life. That was back in the day when you received a gold watch for your long service to a company. But those days are long gone. Research from the HILDA survey in 2014 […]

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7 effective ways to manage self-doubt


As a soloist, I’m constantly trying to do it alone. When working for yourself and by yourself, there’s no one to tell you daily that you’ve done a great job. Self-doubt can slip in at an time. But it doesn’t have to be a major focus. You just need strategies to manage self-doubt and hit it […]

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Lessons learned about starting a business on the side

Starting a small business on the side

Want to start a business while still working in your day job? It’s all well and good to aspire to start a business while still in a secure full-time permanent job. But what’s it really like? Here’s what I’ve learned while I’ve tried to juggle both. Soul searching The last 15 months I’ve been soul […]

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Business networking groups in Melbourne’s north and east

group networking

Networking is not that hard, once you get the hang of it. Finding a business networking group can be hard. Especially most of us don’t like to put ourselves in a room full of people we don’t know and start up a conversation. But networking can reap huge benefits. There’s nothing like meeting someone in person to […]

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How to manage your social media presence from your iPhone

so you can spend more time working in your business Social media and content marketing is here to stay. As a solo-entrepeneur it’s also an essential part of my daily activities. But how do you find the time to manage your social media presence? Here’s how I look after my online social media accounts using these free tools. […]

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Social media management – can you afford to switch off?

Facebook community

How to keep on top of your social presence when you’re on the go. Like it or love it, social media marketing is here to stay. It’s also an important part of any business. How to keep on top of your social media community when you’re on the go. #smm #community Click To Tweet A big […]

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Why you need an SEO audit?

Search engine optimisation

Do you cringe when someone says SEO? I think we all have at one point, and some of us still do. Don’t stay in the dark with SEO, lighten up and you’ll see it works #SEOAudits #SEO Click To Tweet SEO can be hard to understand. You have all this technical jargon to try and get your […]

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A month of Instagram post ideas for professional service businesses

social media marketing word cloud

Professional services’ businesses don’t have products to photograph, so how can they use Instagram? I’ve just recently jumped head first into Instagram. My account has been up, but just not running. I’ve had trouble thinking of Instagram post ideas for my business. As an owner of a service based business, it can be hard when you […]

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Cheap Ways To Make Video Content For Social Media Marketing

video content for social media melbourne

If you’re a small business owner and your social media presence is stagnant, try video. Using video content for social media marketing can send your engagement levels through the roof. Plus, videos are a lot of fun to create.

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