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I’m Kelly O’Donnell and I’m based in Melbourne. I don’t let fears stop me from trying new things and I hope you get some inspiration and tips after reading my blog.

I’m a Wellness Advocate, runner, mountain biker (new to it and loving it), mum, research consultant and trying to write my first book. I’ve tried to start my own business but moved on from that now to focus on writing for pleasure.

I hope that you will join me on my journey and take your life to a new level…..

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Why Workspace is Vital to Employee Success

Employees are spending increasing amounts of time at work, with the average person spending approximately one-third of their life in the workplace. Having an appropriate working environment is, therefore, essential for employee health. However, it isn’t...

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3 Uses For A Spare Room

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room in this age of shared houses and tiny flats, it behooves you to make the best possible use of it. You’re the owner of a rare resource, and leaving it to get taken over by yet-to-be unpacked cardboard boxes, dust...

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Taking That Scary Step Out As A New Business

We often forget just how many ‘firsts’ are involved in running a business successfully. It’s certainly easy to forget just how worried you were when first launching a business idea. For those in that position, climbing that mountain can seem like a very...

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Improving Your Businesses Telephone Etiquette

A good proportion of us hates the phone. We send personal calls to voicemail, or purposefully miss them and send a text back later. We avoid calling to book appointments or sort out issues, and we’ll always take a text communication if the option is there....

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Working With Magento Developers

It doesn’t matter whether your sell clothing products, cleaning items, or cars – if you can master the Internet, your business will truly soar. One area that is extremely important is of course ecommerce – the practice of selling your goods online. An...

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How to Overtake Your Competition Without Burning Out

When you are constantly looking over your shoulder as a business owner, it can be pretty unnerving. You feel under threat that another company is going to swoop in and steal your ideas or your clients. In order to avoid these common business issues, you...

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