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Hi, I’m Kelly and I’m a freelance writer based in the north-east suburbs of Melbourne.

If you’re a small business owner, writing can sometimes be hard to get right. Your writing needs to use plain English so your message is easy to follow by others.

The documents you write need to be understood by others. It needs to be professional and reflect your brand. But professional writing doesn’t always mean formal and stuffy.

Are you rushing to meet a deadline or don’t have the writing skills in-house?

A professional freelance writing service can improve your writing while making sure your deadlines are met.

Business writing services Melbourne

Why use a writing and editing service?

  • Reduces jargon and technical speak
  • Gets your message across in as few words as possible
  • Makes sure your words are easily to follow by others
  • Removes ambiguity
  • Creates a consistent style and tone of voice
  • Improves the conversion of your written material
  • Proofreads your documents so there’s no typing mistakes
  • They can edit your existing reports

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Why me?

  • I have over 10 years’ experience as a senior consultant writing and editing reports
  • I’ve written for State Government (Residential Land Bulletin)
  • I’ll meet your deadlines, every time
  • Your documents are kept confidential and you privacy is ensured

Professional writing services

  • Business research
  • Market reports
  • Analytical reports
  • Technical reports
  • Business letter writing
  • Newsletters
  • Proofreading
  • Resumes and cover letters

Ready to get a professionally looking report  for your small business?

Why not send me some sample paragraphs and I’ll rewrite a paragraph for you. No charge.

You can see how your words can be concise and clear without having to do the writing yourself.

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