3 Uses For A Spare Room

3 Uses For A Spare Room

on Jul 16, 2019 in Productivity

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room in this age of shared houses and tiny flats, it behooves you to make the best possible use of it. You’re the owner of a rare resource, and leaving it to get taken over by yet-to-be unpacked cardboard boxes, dust and cobwebs. .

Having more living space, better organised and tidier can actually contribute positively to your mental health – and cramped conditions overrun with clutter can undermine. Today we’re taking a look at three different ways you can make use of your spare room to inspire you into action!

The Study

Whether you’re working from home regularly or simply want somewhere to retreat to deal with your day to day household admin, or even a haven to work on the novel you’ve always planned, building an office into your home gives you precisely what you need.

If you’re turning your spare room into an office, you need to hit the essentials first, and it’s worth spending time and money to get them right. A desk and chair are obviously vital whether you’re working on desktop, laptop, or pencil and paper, and finding ones at a comfortable height for you mean the difference between hours lost in productive work and hours lost to backpain and neck twinges. Make sure you spend some time finding an ergonomic office chair online.

It’s also worth considering your needs when you decorate: a simple colour scheme to emphasise natural light, without oppressive, distracting bright colours will help you work productively.


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A Walk in Wardrobe

If fashion is important to you, and you have the space, then why not? Turning a spare room into a walk in wardrobe gives you your own safe haven to display your dresses and get ready to go out. It also gives you additional space in your bedroom, as clothes get shifted out onto racks in your wardrobe room, meaning you have a little more space to breath.

The main things you need to consider when you’re putting a walk in wardrobe together are storage and safe conditions: you need solid, safe rails that aren’t going to collapse, and the choice between freestanding rails or fixing bars to the wall mostly depends on what gives you the most stability. You also need to make sure your clothes are going to be safe here – so dealing with any damp problems, ensuring good ventilation and building in safeguards against moths are vital.


A Grown Up Chill Out Room

Moving in with a partner or starting a family can cause tensions. You can feel like you’re being crowded out of your own life. One way to avoid this is to create a space that’s just yours, with games consoles, memorabilia, books or sports equipment that you love and value.

Of course, this runs the risk of excluding your significant other, who also needs a retreat from family life. A grown up’s room is worth considering,  where you have things that remind you both of the things you love and value, and can equally retreat to you avoid the intensity of raising young children.




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