How to Make Your Office Space Work Better for You and Your Business

How to Make Your Office Space Work Better for You and Your Business

on Jul 4, 2019 in Small business

Open plan offices – most of us work in them these days, don’t we? They’ve certainly become increasingly popular over recent years.


They give an impression of a modern, forward looking business – and provide a light, airy environment for people to work in.  But they don’t always work well for everyone – unless you think creatively about how to best use the space.

What are the benefits of open plan?

The main benefits are aesthetic, in that they look great – and they’re spacious and full of natural daylight.  Long gone are the days of dark, pokey work spaces – we certainly wouldn’t advocate a return to that style.  


But there are many day to day issues that businesses who work in them face – and we’ve highlighted just a few of the main ones below.


What are the problems?

Some of the reasons people start to find open plan a problem are related to privacy, practicality and sound.  And business owners start to realise that it’s useful to designate spaces for different functions, in some way.  Even if that doesn’t involve walls.


For example, employees do find it really useful to have areas to meet, discuss projects or work quietly. So providing some break out space really does make business sense.


Data protection is an ever increasingly important consideration – and that’s not always straightforward in open spaces.  People need to have somewhere to make or take confidential phone calls, for example. Or discuss HR matters, client cases, etc.


And, for practical reasons it’s useful to designate space in certain ways, as we mentioned  – and psychologically it can help teams to unite.. 


Also, sound can travel too much with nothing to break it –  but that’s a common business issue it’s easy to avoid.


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So what is the solution? 

It’s possible to have the benefits of both worlds – if you consider creative solutions like glass office partitions. They help you retain a light, airy feel – while solving the majority of the issues we’ve just discussed above.


And they’re really flexible, if you might need to keep reconfiguring your work space – you can just move them around to accommodate your needs.


They can be used to create cubicles, break out areas, even meeting rooms, form team designations and just break up the space. Or they can even create corridors – so people can walk from one area to the next without interrupting other teams.


And contrary to what you might think, they can actually make a space appear larger – as the eye is drawn to different angles and perspectives..


The modern ones look really attractive – you can even get them in different colours, while still retaining that important transparency. So, in that way, they can add to an office’s contemporary, creative appearance.



So we think, if you own your own business, or maybe manage office space, modern glass partitions are a fantastic option.  They help you reflect modern environmental preferences, while maximising the practicality and function of your business.



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