Improving Your Business’ Safety Is Non-Negotiable

Improving Your Business’ Safety Is Non-Negotiable

on Aug 22, 2020 in Small business

It’s very important to recognize that the decisions we make in business do have an effect. Not just to our bottom line, but for the communities we serve, and the people who stock our ranks. Sometimes, when reading a balance sheet, it can be easy to forget that. However, there’s much more virtue to any business than simply making money. While this is the goal that keeps you focused and productive, it’s true that this isn’t the most important measure of justifying a firm’s existence.

After all, if we saw a firm was able to make obscene profits, but only at the behest of breaking many ethical principles and regulations, we would believe that this firm is not worth protecting. However, in small ways, we continually have to balance our own commitment to money-making and the ethics of running an enterprise. For instance, improving your business safety over the years is non-negotiable. We simply cannot leave this to chance, or fail to make improvements where necessary.

But how might this approach look like? We’ll consider that in the following advice:

Adding Further Visibility

It’s important to add further visibility where you can properly place it. Lights are important for keeping your premises, offices, industrial shed, or workshops lit. They must be bulbs that do not match the fluorescent flicker speeds of any moving machinery, because sometimes saw blades can be seen as static when they’re really spinning with this kind of mistake. However, great illumination and convex mirrors for business and security, especially in warehouses and parking lots, can be tremendously useful. The more visibility you grant the design of your buildings, the less likely staff will find themselves harmed by unnoticed threats.

Regular Safety Inspections

It’s not enough to be safe, you must continually ensure your safety through careful and regular safety inspections. You may even use third-party auditing services to come in and ensure that your own safety inspections are correctly calibrated. This can sound over-the-top, but if these efforts prevent one undue injury in your workplace, they are more than worth it. We must hold ourselves to the highest standards possible, even if that means punishing our best staff for our negligent behavior, or investing in thorough training programs.

Increase workplace safety 

Many hazards are present within the workplace regardless of your industry. For offices, some issues include loose or errand computer cables that could cause trips. Shelving stock could also be considered hazardous, and carpal tunnel syndrome could arise if employees sit at their desk all day. Construction worksites pose more significant hazards, which is why you must highlight how your workers can stay safe when operating heavy machinery or navigating crowded areas. However, there are also invisible hazards that can affect employee health and safety. One particular issue is air quality, especially in jobs that take place in factories. While sufficient ventilation can help, it is not always enough. Therefore, you can do your part for workplace safety by arranging Stack Emission Testing to analyze the most at-risk areas and make changes where necessary to keep air quality at a safe, healthy level.

Replacing Safety Equipment

Safety programs must be carefully calibrated, and this means that safety equipment must also be taken care of to the best possible standard. Before donning safety gear, staff need to be assured that you have taken the proper precautions to ensure its integrity and usefulness. This goes from your line cooks replacing the oil in the fryers using a thick apron and gloves, to your factory workers using face shields to avoid sparks and blinding lights. We cannot operate with repaired safety equipment either, a fault must always precede a full replacement. With this effort, you’ll be more likely to improve your business safety.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily ensure your safety is non-negotiable. The sooner you implement this culture of care, the better.

Train your staff

Whether you’re working in a small office and your staff need to safely learn how to use a guillotine, or you’re running a large warehouse that requires your staff to be extremely safety conscious, it’s imperative you train your staff to the highest standards for both their safety, and the safety of your business. Consider using a service such as Aurenda for injury management and training so that you can rest assured your staff are trained properly, and as safe as they can be while at work.

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