How To Look More Professional On Zoom Calls

How To Look More Professional On Zoom Calls

on Oct 29, 2020 in Small business

Virtual meetings have become the norm in 2020. Just like meetings in person, how you compose yourself matters. This is particularly important when it comes to meetings with new prospective clients or job interviews (whether you’re the interviewer or the interviewee). By maintaining professionalism, you can create the right impression and get more positive results out of the meeting. Here are just a few ways to look professional when conducting a Zoom call. 

Dress for work

Many of us don’t bother dressing up when working from home. However, if you’re conducting important video calls, you can’t sit around in your dressing gown. Dress as you would do when taking part in a physical meeting at work. Keep your general appearance clean and tidy too – make sure that your hair is not a mess and that you’ve shaved. 

Avoid low angles

Nobody wants to sit through a Zoom call while gazing up your nostrils. For this reason, it’s also important to position the camera in the right place – ideally directly in front of you. If you’re using your smartphone and don’t want to hold out your arm for the duration of the call, consider getting a phone stand to hold your phone in place. If you’re using an in-built camera on your computer, make sure that the monitor is at the right height (it might help to prop your laptop on some books).

Consider the lighting

You don’t want a strong light source coming from behind you otherwise you’ll spend the meeting as a dark silhouette. Similarly, you don’t want too much light in front of you as it might add an unattractive glow to your face (you also don’t want to be squinting throughout the call). Spend some time getting the lighting right before the call – it could be a case of playing around your blinds and artificial lighting until you get the right level.

Sort out your specs

If you wear glasses, make sure that they’re not picking up the glow of your screen as this will be distracting. A professional pair of glasses will likely minimise glare – you can shop for the best new brand online. Anti-reflective lenses are worth looking into as they will prevent you lenses picking up any reflections from your screen or from other lighting. 

Pay attention to the background

You should also consider what is going on in the background. A professional Zoom call isn’t the opportunity to show off your collection of vinyl or your brand new kitchen suite. A plain background is the most professional and least distracting option. If you haven’t got a convenient plain wall to use, it might be worth considering buying a screen to place behind you. 

Beyond the way you look there are many other things that can affect your professionalism such as your internet connection, the quality of your microphone and the levels of background noise. When possible, always take time to plan out your video calls to ensure the environment is right, that you look your best and that you have all the right equipment.

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