Organise Your Work-At-Home Office Space in Four Simple Steps

Organise Your Work-At-Home Office Space in Four Simple Steps

on Dec 17, 2019 in Productivity

If you’ve decided to try working from home then you’ve probably already faced a number of different challenges. Perhaps you’re just too tempted to leave the TV on for some background noise and eventually start binging on a movie, or maybe you find yourself getting distracted due to your children or other family members.


Organising your work-at-home office space is a great way to beat these distractions and stay focused, but it depends a lot on the way you’ve set up your furniture. So to help you out, we’ve put together these four simple steps to help you stay organised, be productive and ignore distractions.

  1. Try and throw out one thing every day

You don’t necessarily need to throw it into the trash, but we do suggest trying to get rid of one thing each day in your office that you don’t need. It could be old references books and magazines, it could be a coffee machine or it could even be an old box of stationery. Try and focus on one thing that you could get rid of from your office each day and by the end of the week, you’ll have noticeably more space to use.


  1. Don’t clutter your office with items

It can feel natural to just stash everything related to your business in your home office, but this is eventually going to clutter your room and you probably don’t need everything at all times. A better solution is to consider storage providers, especially if you’re selling goods from your home or want to keep an archive of paper records. With the right storage provider, you essentially have a scaleable storage room to keep all of the goods you sell and Paper records you seldom access.


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  1. Store away anything that isn’t used every day

Everyone has a bad habit of storing things on their desk even if it’s not immediately related to their work or important to what they’re doing. For instance, you might store reference books that you might need in the future, but it’s not necessarily something that you need to use immediately. When it comes to situations like this, try and store away items that you don’t need every day and only keep your daily items on the desk to prevent clutter.


  1. Stay organised with a message board

Whether it’s a whiteboard and pen or a cork board, make sure you’ve got yourself a large canvas to plan your week and stay focused. This is a great alternative to a schedule because it can easily be erased or removed when needed. Refer to it every day and make sure you plan your tasks ahead of time so that you can stay organised and productive.


These tips should hopefully get you started on organising your office better for improved productivity. Revamping your office for success is an important part of how you run your business from home, so don’t neglect its importance and focus on how you can optimise your workflow from home.



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