5 Ways To Revamp Your Office For Success

5 Ways To Revamp Your Office For Success

on Nov 23, 2019 in Productivity

The spaces in which we work can really make or break our productivity. If you want to promote creativity and success, then you’ve got to create the right working environment to do so. The aesthetics contribute more than you’d realise to our motivation and results. With these ideas in mind, why not try these five to revamp your office for success.

1. Inspirational Artwork

Artwork is a quick and easy way to give any office space a creative boost. Bold colours, quirky designs, and motivational quotes can work particularly well to improve morale. If you have a smaller space, it’s best to go for one large statement piece. Attempting to hang a few smaller art pieces can quickly look cluttered (unless you have a big space)!


2. Paint it up

To quickly improve the aesthetics of any room(s) give everything a nice new lick of paint. When you’re thinking about colour schemes, it can be useful to consider the mood that you are hoping to achieve. Green represents nature and harmony. It’s a colour that’s not intense on the eyes, and so can be a great option for office decor. Colours like yellow can be used to inspire a sense of optimism and creativity. You may also find it useful to use your brand colours, to give the whole space a professional feel. Companies like upscale painting can offer an excellent commercial painting service at https://www.upscalepainting.com.au/commercial-painting/



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3. Alternative Workspaces

In every team, you’ll have different kinds of employees with different strengths. To improve the productivity in your office, it can be handy to create alternative workspaces. Design standing desk areas for those who prefer to stand and move while they work. Create co-working spaces, with sofa chairs, for those who like to work in a collaborative and casual environment. Then, add some quiet individual working spaces, for those who find it hard to concentrate and prefer silence. A team is best build on diverse qualities and working styles. Catering to them all is the key to success. 


4. Ergonomic Furniture

When your team is using desks and chairs for the majority of the day, it’s important to invest in some ergonomic furniture. This kind of furniture is built with the body in mind and can provide both maximum comfort and support to avoid injury. Failure to use ergonomic furniture could result in discomfort or injury from sitting down for two long (plus a demotivated team)!


5. Natural Touches

Multiple studies have indicated that when it comes to productivity, natural touches in the office are highly beneficial. For some natural mood-boosting decor, try a few office plants like bamboo or snake plant? As well as this, ensure that you have plenty of natural light in the office to boost endorphins and keep staff happy! 


If you’re office lacks space and feels cluttered, a self-storage unit could be a good move. Such units can give you a little extra space to store your items of premises. Creating the perfect office space will improve your efficiency overall.




Image credit:  Pexels.com

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