You’ve Got New Patients, Now You’ve Got To Keep Them

You’ve Got New Patients, Now You’ve Got To Keep Them

on Mar 24, 2019 in Customer Service

How many patients are you currently serving day by day? Could you take on more? Once you have, would you be able to keep them? There’s a lot of different ways to take care of your health nowadays, and as a small medical practice, you’ve got to be a cut above the rest.


So, new patients are walking through your doors, or they’re booking via your online portal or email address, and now you’ve got many more bodies to take care of within your medical practice. Of course, that’s your job, and you’re perfectly equipped to take these people on – but that doesn’t mean they’re going to stay once their initial session or diagnosis is done and paid for.


So in your interests of making a good impression with your new patients, and making sure they stay on the books for the foreseeable future, here’s a couple of the most quoted and useful ways to keep your medical practice on the good side of your new customers.

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Be Transparent

A new patient comes through the main door to your medical practice. Before they get to see anyone, or even make an appointment, they have to go through an entire file of medical history and make an application to be on the patient roll in your business. And if someone is quite ill during a time like this, this can be quite a hefty process to go through.


Which means it’s very important to be transparent. When faced with such a monumental series of tasks, a lot of people might just turn around and leave again. Give prospective new patients plenty of warning before they come in that they will need to fill out forms in order to be seen, allow them to use the help of a receptionist or nurse if need be, or give them the chance to log onto your website in order to register themself as a new patient. That saves all the hassle once they get through the door.


Keep Diagnosis Smooth

Diagnosis is something we all have a little bit of fear over, and it’s something that can keep patients from wanting to come through your doors. Of course, this isn’t a fault of yours by any means – we as humans tend to stray away from what we find uncomfortable and scary and live in our own little bubbles. But you can use these emotions to better your own service, and make it a lot easier for those new patients you earned to come back through your doors at a later date.


You can speed up your diagnosis time in your business by investing in new equipment, whether that be via an AI software, or because you buy an ultrasound machine to get a closer look at what could be causing someone’s symptoms without needing to refer them anywhere else.


Keeping your new patients doesn’t have to be impossible.




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