The Most Common Customer Support Problems and How to Evade Them

The Most Common Customer Support Problems and How to Evade Them

on May 15, 2018 in Customer Service

Customer support is something that all companies have to worry about. Whether it’s something simple like a knowledge base on your website or having a social media account to provide live support, it’s important to keep in touch with your customers and show them that you’re ready to help them with anything they need regarding your products and services.


However, you may already know that customer service can be a confusing maze to navigate. Sometimes it takes forever to connect to a human to speak with, other times you might browse around a website for ages before finding the right contact information, and you might need to wait for a day or more for a response.


So to help your business stand out in a sea of customer unfriendly companies, here are the most common support problems and how you can avoid them.

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  1. Customer support takes forever to respond

Introduce faster forms of communication as well as slower ones like email. Add a live support chat to your website or consider using social media for quick responses to customer queries.


  1. Never able to speak to a human

Automated services are difficult to set up and only serve to congest your phone lines and make the support process convoluted to the customer. Remove these silly automated phone lines and let your customers connect directly to a member of staff.


  1. Getting quick advice for a simple problem takes too long

Consider adding a knowledge base to your website with the most frequently asked questions and concerns about your products and services. This will lower the volume of customer support calls and messages.


  1. Always need to speak with customer support for help

If you’re receiving a higher volume of calls and messages than expected, consider hiring professional product labeling services to help you design simple instructions to put on your products or include a manual inside of the packaging to help your customers.


  1. Customer support is never helpful and often rude

Try not to outsource your customer support if possible. Always use in-house employees and hire support staff so you can keep an eye on their performance and feedback.


  1. Contact information is difficult to find

Make sure you actually list your customer contact information. This means putting it at the top or bottom of your website, in your social media profiles and also on any physical letters you send out.


  1. No active social media accounts to contact

The goal here is to give your customers as many contact lines as possible. That means phone, email, online help and even social media. Get yourself on Twitter and hire someone to manage your social media presence so they can help with support queries.


Hopefully, this article has been a good example of how you can evade the most common customer support problems that people face when interacting with a business. Avoid all of these issues and you’ll find that you can quickly build a better reputation.


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