Stop Feeling Jaded in Daily Life

Stop Feeling Jaded in Daily Life

on Feb 26, 2022 in Small business

Life can and should be a great and bold adventure — an opportunity to experience a sense of fulfilment, wonder, and engagement, day after day.

As children, we all tend to have a very magical and enthusiastic outlook on life at large — and the dreams we have for the future at a young age tend to be big, confident, and optimistic.

An all-too-common issue that many of us experience as we get older, however, is the feeling of becoming jaded and disillusioned. In fact, it may well be the case that almost everyone finds themselves feeling jaded from time to time.

Finding ways to stop feeling jaded and to reconnect with a sense of the magic and beauty of everyday life can be deeply rewarding and meaningful.

Here are some suggestions to try.

Practice relaxing and being more mindfully grounded in the present moment

Simple stress, overwhelm and exhaustion can naturally end up contributing to a feeling of being jaded and disillusioned — and it’s imperative to ensure that you’re getting enough rest and enough opportunities to unwind and have fun, if you want to stay upbeat and engaged.

People have many different ways of trying to keep relaxed on a day-to-day basis, whether by reaching for a doob tube, or by watching a sitcom.

One of the best general principles here is to try and become more mindfully grounded in the present moment. Really notice and try to savour the good things that are right in front of you.

Often, being jaded has a lot to do with being disconnected from the here and now.

Look for opportunities to enter into flow states as often as possible

“Flow states” are those states of being where you are so deeply immersed in an activity that you lose your sense of time and self, and seem to become one with what you are doing.

According to psychologists, entering into flow states on a regular basis provides deep emotional and psychological benefits — contributing dramatically to a sense of happiness and purpose.

Flow states also naturally generate a lot of enthusiasm and a sense of magic and engagement.

Finding opportunities to enter into flow states as often as possible can go a very long way towards helping you to avoid feeling jaded, and to stop feeling jaded.

Enjoy the journey and try new things

Feeling jaded usually goes hand in hand with feeling as though you are running on a hamster wheel, and don’t have enough variety of excitement in your everyday life.

No one likes feeling as though they are stuck in a rut — and one of the best ways of escaping from this feeling is to make a point of regularly trying new things, perhaps especially if those things take you slightly outside of your comfort zone. Strive to enjoy the journey instead of always being fixated on the goal or end outcome. Often, exposing yourself to new experiences and situations will prove to be its own reward.

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