Running A Business Is Stressful, And Self-Care Is Important

Running A Business Is Stressful, And Self-Care Is Important

on Jan 10, 2019 in Small business

There are millions upon millions of excellent business guides on the internet. Some you can find here. However, running a business isn’t always sunshine and roses, no matter how many fantastic tidbits of advice you follow. Uncertainty, long working hours, plugging errors, trying to figure out a way forward all while sticking to your original vision can be hard individually, but put all of these potential issues together and you might feel a little put out or withdrawn.


Business owners and leaders need to take care of themselves. No matter how successful, how blossoming with ideas you are, or how much you wish to do, this is important. Remember that you are one of the most important assets of your business. In the early days, it’s likely that without you, the business wouldn’t function half as well as it is now. Be sure that this continues. Be sure that you give yourself the space to do so.


This could be your first challenge. Every business leader feels the itch to attend to affairs throughout the day. Sitting down and doing nothing might feel completely wrong, no matter how much it helps you feel nourished. It can be akin to a new parent sitting in a completely different room from their newborn. It doesn’t feel natural. But does self-care mean ‘not working?’ Not all the time. Consider our advice:

Solidifying The Fundamentals

When your fundamental business considerations are taken care of, you’re likely going to feel less stressed. It would be improper to tell you that meditation is the best way out of business stress when your entire IT system is down. Of course, it’s the daily considerations that are the best to automate or have a competent team working on it. Sometimes even the emergency needs well catered-for can be a worthwhile obligation.


For example, making use of an invoice finance company can help your cash flow in a tight spot, or ensure that every invoice you send has a chance of immediate payment. This can help you avoid the weekly battle to encourage debtors to pay you in a timely fashion, as in many order-fulfilment businesses periods of weeks or months may be the customary period. You’ll feel much better with that money in your account. Solidifying the fundamentals like this can help you then focus on self-care, but are a self-care measure themselves.


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A Supportive Atmosphere

It might be that you’ve read a supportive office atmosphere can raise the morale of your employed troops, and may encourage collaboration and the generation of new ideas. It’s also nice to have. But this isn’t something that can only benefit your office, it can benefit you. On top of this, you can drive that pleasant office environment in a much more emphasized manner than anyone else. So be sure to do that. Run events to help your staff bond. Allow a sense of mutual collaboration. Joke around appropriately. It all contributes to a place people want to work, and you’ll likely feel the same.


Managing Expectations

Businesses always have trouble, no matter how tightly they are run. Manage your expectations. 2019 won’t be a perfect year. But it can be a much better year than last year, and so on. These expectations can help you stomach the blow of a hard year, or give you the context for why something failed. It helps you work without blinders. This, ironically enough, can give you a sense of working peace.


With these tips, you can practice self-care without having to book extensive spa days or spend hours in meditation each day. Although if those are viable options, we wouldn’t blame you for using those also.



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