Returning To Work After Children: Expert Tips To Remember

Returning To Work After Children: Expert Tips To Remember

on Dec 5, 2018 in Motivation

The past couple of years have flown by and you’ve loved every part of being a mum. But, it’s time to get back to normality and give your life some structure. Plus, it’d be nice to speak to adults rather than talking to children all day and watching Peppa Pig. There is nothing wrong with admitting you need to fill the small hole in your life with a fulfilling job.


The tricky part is returning to the workplace after years on the sidelines. It may feel as if everything you learned before that has changed. Therefore, finding the confidence to interact is a tough process. It’s no secret to say you have to take baby steps first and foremost. However, what happens next? How do you progress into the role and take charge?


There isn’t a one-size-fits-all policy; it’s a personal choice. Still, a few general rules apply which you will want to factor in before making the leap. These are the tips certified by the experts and women who have been through the process.


Decide On The Time

Initially, mums have to decide when to get back on the horse and kick-start their career. Like having a child, it’s easy to look for the perfect time to do the right thing. However, in the same way as having a baby, there is no magical date which will appear. Going back to the office is about weighing up the pros and cons and figuring out which decision provides the most balance.


There will always be roadblocks in the way which are easy to develop into excuses. Your child may be sick or the childcare centre may be unable to look after them that day. These aren’t signs you should stay at home, more the fact you need to thrash out a flexible contract. If you’re struggling to nail your flag to the mast, try the Bezos methodology.


He uses 75% of the info to make 100% of his decisions. The logic is that waiting for the other 25% results in procrastination and missed opportunities.


Mix Parenting And Work

There is a middle ground if you’re not ready to give up your current lifestyle. To get the best of both worlds, mums can go into child-friendly careers which are flexible. For example, there is the opportunity to run a childcare centre if you love working with kids. has plenty of listings, or it’s possible to do it from home with few resources.


What’s amazing about this path is that it isn’t difficult to walk. You already have the skills for the job thanks to your years of experience as a mother. And, the community of mums at school and playgroups and things like that are an excellent marketing opportunity. Tell the right people and they’ll spread the word like wildfire. As you’re one of them, they already trust you so won’t feel scared leaving them in your care.


Yes, childcare businesses, even if it’s home-based, do need to obtain licences and permits and that can take a while. However, as long as everything is in order, it shouldn’t be a problem. Https:// has the details.



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Recognise Your New Skills

For those that need a break from the kids, it’s essential not to assume you haven’t learned anything in the past five years. Mums may think watching daytime TV and sitting in the park doesn’t qualify, yet it has an impact on your soft skills. These are things such as patience and the ability to solve problems, things employers love. First of all, don’t be afraid to note it on your resume to show you have them in your locker.


Secondly, acknowledge their importance in the workplace. Realise that you can manage your time better now thanks to years of hitting tight deadlines as a mum. Recognise that you’re an excellent multitasker who can take on various jobs at once. Even if the employer doesn’t respect them in an interview or on your application, they should boost your confidence in the workplace.


Doing this should help you take control and speak up at the right times. Without these traits, it’s tough to get noticed, especially if you’re in a male-dominated environment.


Apply For Full-Time Positions

As a way of taking baby steps, you only want to apply for a part-time job for now. In the future, this may change and that’s when you’ll start climbing the ranks again. Although it makes sense on the face of it, it isn’t a wise move in many respects. To begin with, securing a full-time position isn’t a formality so it’s best to start early and put your hat in the ring.


Probably the most important thing to remember is your leverage. Just because an employer offers you a role doesn’t mean it’s non-negotiable. Whether it’s full or part-time, there is nothing wrong with you haggling over the terms of the contract. For example, you can talk to them about flexitime.


Mums don’t believe they have leverage but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. A well-respected, efficient worker always has a few aces up their sleeve. That’s why you should apply for a full-time role: you flip the script after a couple of weeks.


Know Your Rights

Not to say employers are purposely sneaky, but plenty of them don’t understand the rights of women in the workplace. Female workers who are pregnant or on maternity leave are subject to different conditions and have to be treated fairly. The only way to ensure this happens is to understand your rights.


For example, your previous employer can’t sack you because you plan on spending nine months on maternity leave. They may not have to give you full pay, but your job has to be there when you get back. Https:// has more.


If in doubt, speak to a lawyer about your case. With their expertise, they’ll be able to offer sound advice.


Are you looking to return to work after having a baby? How are you finding the process?




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