Offline Marketing Strategies That Will Help Your Online Brand

Offline Marketing Strategies That Will Help Your Online Brand

on Sep 20, 2018 in Content marketing, Small business

There is so much talk these days about online marketing through blogs, social media, and SEO. But depending on what your business does, it can still be a good idea to look for some ways to market your business offline too. Some of the ‘old’ methods can still be of value, and there are some customers or clients that will want a more face to face approach with things. And there are some statistics that show that over ninety percent of people have heard of Twitter. But less than ten percent actually use it regularly. So that is still a whole lot of other people that you may not be reaching through a social media or Twitter campaign, for instance.

So here are some offline marketing methods that are still worth trying out for your business. It would be great to hear what you think.

Pop-Up or Launch Event

Pop-up stores can be a great way to generate a buzz around your business or around a new product launch. There is a feel of exclusivity with it all too, as it is only going to be for a certain amount of time. Product launches or business launches can be a good idea too, as they are a good way to market to the people that would use your product, as well as to get influencers to try things out and experience it for themselves. With that in mind, things like freebies or goody bags can be a must at these kinds of events. Including things with your brand name, like pin badges, bags, or pens can be a good idea, as shown in this post, for example. Getting your business name up in people’s homes is a great way to market and act as a reminder. It helps you to focus on a particular group of people or a location, that can be the target audience for your business, so it can definitely be worth doing.

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In a similar vein to creating a pop-up or having an event, networking is still a really valid way to market your business. People do value the face to face connections, especially if they are going to spend money on you or become a client, for example. So don’t forget the value of them, alongside business cards. It can be hard to remember everyone at events, but giving out a card is a visual thing that someone can look at once they’re home and going through things for work.

Print Publications

There isn’t the same SEO backlinking benefit that comes from printing things out and distributing, but there is still a place for print publications in offline marketing; it still has a valuable place. If you can get the brand name or a product image in an article or magazine, then there are still people that go out there to buy them (and you can choose the publications with target audiences that match your own). So as well as articles for blogs and online, look for print publication opportunities too.

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