How To Let More Sunlight Into Your Workplace

How To Let More Sunlight Into Your Workplace

on Nov 3, 2023 in Small business

A workplace that doesn’t let in any natural light can be an unhealthy environment for your employees. Exposure to natural light throughout the day is important for our circadian rhythm (our natural body clock) – it can make us feel more awake and alert during daylight hours, and can help us to sleep better at night. Exposure to natural light also triggers our bodies to produce vitamin D – which is important for our bone health, skin health and our mood.

A survey found that natural light was the number one perk that employees craved in their workplace. Just how do you introduce more natural light to your workplace? This post lists a few effective ways to let in more sunshine. 

Install more windows

This is an obvious way to improve natural lighting, although it’s often not possible in rented buildings. Of course, it may be possible to ask your lease owner if it’s possible to install more windows if you believe the building truly needs it. Your landlord may be willing to let you install a skylight in a kitchen or a transom window above a door if it’s professionally done and you’re willing to pay for it. This could be all that’s needed to provide some natural light exposure. 

Get rid of obstructions

Make sure that you’re not blocking out sunlight with permanently closed blinds or poorly placed filing cabinets in front of windows. At the same time, consider any obstructions outdoors that could be preventing light from getting into your work building. A tree that is casting a shadow over your workplace may be possible to cut back by hiring a tree lopping service. Cleaning windows can also help to let more light in. 

Opt for glass partitions and doors

Many modern workplaces have started using glass or perspex more heavily for partitions, doors and even desks. Such materials can help light to penetrate deeper into your workplace and are a better option to the opaque partitions used in old office cubicles. What about privacy? Well, you can still use frosted glass – this lets in light while also distorting the view in. 

Add more mirrors

Placing a mirror opposite a window can give the impression of having two windows in a room. It’s a great trick for making a room feel sunnier. You can buy mirrors in various different styles to fit in with various different workplaces. This includes ornate framed mirrors for older period buildings and funky geometric mirrors for a more modern look.

Choose reflective flooring

On top of being harder to clean, carpets do not reflect light and can sometimes make a room feel gloomier. Reflective surfaces like laminate and polished stone could help to make your workplace feel brighter. Of course, they need to be kept clean to stay reflective, so make sure that you are willing to clean them regularly before installing them. Such flooring choices can also provide less insulation and be a little noisier than carpet, which is something to factor in. 

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