Making The Impossible Journey From Zero To Business Tycoon Possible

Making The Impossible Journey From Zero To Business Tycoon Possible

on May 14, 2018 in Entrepreneurship

There is a misconception about business tycoons that claims that entrepreneurs who deserve the label fo tycoon tend to be ruthless, money-focused and with no interest in people. In reality, things are a little different from the opinions expressed by many films and media. The word tycoon comes from the Japanese word ‘taikun’ which means ‘great lord’ and was used as a title in the shogun – the military rulers of the country – community until it spreads to the business world. The original term that is still used from time to time is business magnate, meaning a great business person.

Ultimately, at the core of it, a business tycoon is an entrepreneur of great influence – male or female, even though the media tends to portray tycoons as being men only –  who has accumulated wealth through their business activities. The closest definition that the public opinion recognizes of the tycoon is a successful entrepreneur, and that’s exactly what it is about. When you begin to think of business magnates in terms of success and entrepreneurship, you can measure that their position is not the result of a privileged or divine path.

Business tycoons are entrepreneurs who have amassed their fortune through the building and running of one or several businesses. While some tycoons are still active in the business world, such as Elon Musk, others like Bill gates have since then embraced a philanthropic pursuit. But their successful careers have made them reputable and renowned tycoons in their industry.

For your average Jane and John Doe, becoming a business tycoon is the kind of impossible dream that nobody even dares to think about. However, if you focus on the careers of these successful business magnates, there is no denying that you can identify specific denominators that bring people like Henry Ford, Steve Jobs and Cornelius Vanderbilt together. Indeed, all tycoons share common values and principles that are made them who they are. Success wasn’t guaranteed from birth or as a result of their education.

Success came from the ability to develop a flexible and problem-solving entrepreneur’s mindset. Ultimately, what makes the difference between a small business owner and a business tycoon is the deliberate choice to address and answer the following questions in the most market-effective manner.

What do you expect a successful entrepreneur is like?

There’s an expectation that to become a successful business owner, you need to be able to do a million of things at the same time. You need to be the expert in your industry. But Steve Jobs built the Apple universe without being a talented programmer. In fact, it’s fair to say that Jobs wasn’t the best person to create new software applications and programs. So, you don’t need to be THE expert in your industry to succeed – but you need experts to work with you, but this is a point we’ll discuss a little later in this article.

The bad image of tycoons comes from media coverage and films that choose to represent business magnates as bitter and toxic individuals. In reality, what you should expect from a successful entrepreneur is a positive behaviour. The most successful entrepreneurs crush self-doubts through the use of logic and intuition. They listen to their gut feelings when they don’t know what to do. They also refuse to strive for perfection, but only for excellence through quality production and effective time management. Bill Gates’s 10-minutes time slots might sound amusing, but he built Microsoft by prioritizing his time.

How does a successful entrepreneur think?

To be successful, entrepreneurs need to develop a positive behavioural pattern. But they also need to learn to remove negative thoughts and limitative thinking patterns. While it’s more easily said than done, the stories of business tycoons can help to explain why it’s important to think positively when you want to succeed, as seen here

For a start, it’s fair to say that you can’t climb a mountain while convincing yourself that it’s an impossible task. It’s only because you believe that it is achievable – even if it is very hard at times – that you keep climbing the path until the summit. In other words, entrepreneurs don’t have an easy time building up their businesses. But it’s the ability to stay focus and optimistic that keeps them going. Indeed, your mind is one of the most powerful tools you have in life. If you set your mind to something, you are more likely to achieve your objectives than if you don’t have in you the drive that pushes you further.

One of the most important lessons in business is that it’s never too late to start. You’re never too old to join the game; in fact, many would say that it’s an advantage as you can bring both your experience and wisdom. Additionally, the path to business is full of obstacles and failures. Most successful entrepreneurs have stumbled and failed over issues, whether it was a bad idea or picking the wrong time to reach a new market. But failures are lessons that can be learned. You need to fail today if you want to succeed tomorrow.

Where do you find your money-making idea?

You can’t build a business with an idea that is going to excite your market. You can make your empire without becoming a creative individual with a brilliant idea. The main problem when it comes to finding THE idea, it’s that most people tend to assume that it’s the kind of skills one has to be born with. There is no such thing as an idea-making brain. Ideas are readily available in the form of inspiration all around you. The skill that separates the successful entrepreneur from the crowd is the ability to feed upon their surroundings for inspiration. From exploring the everyday problems to making the most of an emerging trend, a good idea is an idea that is relevant to your audience. As Sarah Blakeley, the inventor of Spanx underwear notices, you are likely to experience the same problems than your customers. The right idea is, therefore, the idea that works for you and your audience.

Does it have to be only one idea?

There’s a common issue when it comes to having a business idea, namely, should it be just ONE idea? The answer fully depends on the kind of business you want to run. If you want to build your enterprise where you can create your products with a team, then it’s fair to say that there will be several ideas around one common theme.

However, if you are looking at the entrepreneur world as a way to achieve financial stability and regular income, there is no need to focus on only one line of business and a single idea, as explains. You can create a multiple of online businesses that can combine to generate both sustainable and life-changing money-earning potentials. Whether you focus on one theme or whether you choose to grow your income by targeting several market trends comes down to the kind of entrepreneur you want to be.

Can there be a business without a team?

While you might have come across several business thinkers claiming that you need to assemble the right team for your business to thrive, it’s fair to say that if you’ve chosen a solo business model, you may not need to hire a team to make it work. However, if you’re building a business that requires customer focus to grow, you will need to create a team to create your offer and reach your audience. How do you find your team as a small entrepreneur with very little financial support – not many entrepreneurs start their journey with the full package: team + offices – you need to be creative.

In startups, for instance, it is perfectly acceptable to surround yourself with people who share your dream, even if they require additional training down the line. Ultimately, it’s easier to train someone who understands your business values than to try to convert an expert. Of course, you still need skills and competencies you can rely on, but you have to be open-minded. There’s always a big gap between the job description and the actual job, so the expert you want may not be the one you need.

How can you promote your expertise?

There’s one thing that helps business tycoons to get noticed, and it’s their expertise. However, it’s important to understand that as an entrepreneur, you represent your business. Consequently, promoting your expertise is, in essence, sharing the knowledge and experience of your company as a whole.

By joining dedicated associations and organizations, you can already ensure that your company is associated with a certain standard of knowledge. Entrepreneurs choose an informative approach in their industry to share their views and explain the market trends both to the media, but also to their audience via blogs, social media presence, books and newsletter publications – these pieces can be authored by the team under the name of the company or co-written by the entrepreneur and other experts.

Becoming a business tycoon is, in the end, not an impossible dream. There is no denying that nobody is born a successful entrepreneur.  But it’s your attitude to business and your pragmatism that can make you the magnate of tomorrow! Be positive, be inspired and, above all, be generous with your knowledge.

What’s the best way to market yourself?

Once you’ve begun to establish yourself as a business and as a brand, you’ve got to market yourself the right way. Content marketing is crucial in our tech focused world. Businesses need to produce unique and optimized content that satisfies their audiences and draws people to their sites. In 2021, video marketing is one of the best ways to approach marketing. Whether it’s conventional ads, animated content, webinars, or live streaming, there are many options. The modern consumer wants to see the story behind the brands, and video marketing is far more engaging than text alone.
Above all, modern marketing is about offering originality. Don’t just rely on stock photos for your content materials, arrange a branded photo shoot, and use a location scout to find the perfect location. Anything you can do to stand out will help to set you apart from your competitors.

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