How Technology Can Improve Your Business

How Technology Can Improve Your Business

on Dec 3, 2023 in Small business

Technology is essential for business; every savvy business owner will know this. However, what not every business owner might know is the correct type of technology for their business or the benefits specific applications and systems can offer them.

Far from removing the human element from what you do, it can help you make vast changes for the better. According to Deloitte and Mulesoft, businesses have around 928 applications they use for their business, but only 28% of these are integrated, which offers even more benefits and a more seamless way of working.

If you’re looking at how technology, software, and applications can benefit what you do, read on.


Technology can allow you to use applications and equipment to improve what you do and make operations more efficient. If you have been wasting hours of your time or that of your employees carrying out repetitive menial tasks that can be automated, then chances are you’re not being as efficient as you could be. Utilizing the right technology to help you automate operations can free up your time and allow you to focus on this. You need not to waste your time doing other tasks.

Technology can be instrumental in teaching employees, processes, contracts, sales, data, and more, giving you the information you need when you need it without having to spend hours collating it. Great examples of these include including using CRMs for all of your customer data and transactional allowing you to track a customer’s journey and have all the information to hand when required to help you deal with customer queries quickly, or using a digital mining twin to monitor plant performance improving efficiency and make better more accurate decisions to improve how you operate your mining business.

Saves Time and Money

If you’re improving efficiency as mentioned above, then hand in hand with this goes saving time and money. You cannot still waste time and resources if you work more efficiently. 

By performing repetitive tasks that would otherwise use human hours, you can eliminate or massively reduce thighs and focus on other areas, thus saving money on wages. 

Implementing the correct type of technology and software in your businesses means you can look at opportunities for growth and development, allowing you to use your time effectively to pursue these avenues and do more.


Technology has allowed for more advanced methods of communication, from video calling to Slack for internal messaging and collaborations to Asana, which can help organize employees and tasks and assist with efficient delegating and submitting work and proposals. There are so many options that can allow you to improve how you communicate within your company and with customers, too. 

Social media, emails, newsletters, and, of course, your business website or blog are all ways you can use technology to communicate and support what you do.


Technology has the ability to help you improve the accuracy of how you work and reduce mistakes that can be damaging to your business and what you do. Automation of repetitive tasks means fewer human errors and a greater level of consistency. Technology can also be integrated to allow you to monitor other processes within the business and ensure that nothing is overlooked, reducing operations risks, i.e., tracking for bottlenecks, eliminating or minimizing downtime in production, improving quality control checks, inventory levels, stock rotation, and even your logistics so that everything is taken care of how it needs to be and nothing is missed out of any checks or reducing oversights.

Technology can be used to help you see the bigger picture within your organization; the above-mentioned digital twins can be valuable in this scenario so you can make more informed decisions based on the current situation of your business and assess your viability in the current market, your opportunities for expansion and more.

Financial Decisions

Using financial software can allow you to remain in control of your finances more efficiently than simply using spreadsheets or writing everything down. Not only is inputting data into a spreadsheet of physical balance books time-consuming but it can be marred by human error. Using financial software and technology to track your sales, spending, and outgoings, you can ensure that you aren’t overspending, have all the data on hand, and can be beneficial to help you make changes where necessary to improve finances and make better decisions. This is especially important if you are looking to expand your business.

In short, technology has a wealth of benefits you will miss out on if you retain those old-school working methods and mindsets within your company. You can experience massive benefits that can help you to do what you do but better with a few minor changes to operations.

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