Thinking Of Home After Work

Thinking Of Home After Work

on Dec 12, 2018 in Productivity

Taking the time for home renovation can be hard to do, and finding the time is much harder. But there are good reasons that you should be looking to step away from the office and start to think about what your life is like at home. We all have to finish work at some point in the day, and coming home to a place that makes us feel at ease is going to be important. You’ll soon find a happy home will improve your work life as well. So here are some things to look out for.


You might consider mindfulness a new buzzword, but it has actually existed for a long time and can provide a lot of assistance in your day to day life. And for that reason bringing mindfulness into the home is good for you, it means that at the end of a difficult day you have somewhere to relax and find a comfortable peace of mind.


With this in mind, one thing you should consider is the impact colours have on you. As we have said, finding time to renovate is not easy but painting is a task that can take a short time to do, and be quite therapeutic. But the colours that you choose are the most important thing to consider here. The makeup of your room can make it feel bigger, smaller, calmer or more intimidating. A lot of these reactions to the room might not be conscious thoughts, but they will be there in you somewhere.


Instead of a complete overhaul, you might want to consider decluttering your home so that you have less stuff to think about. Avoid overloading a room with things, not the point that it feels bare and empty, but so you aren’t thinking about things like tidying or mess.


Creating spaces in your home that provide comfort is important, even more so when you are setting out on a big career project and need somewhere to settle.


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Big Projects

You might be looking at your home right now and thinking that it needs some work. If that is the case then don’t pause for too long. This plays into the mindfulness discussion above as well; if you are aware that you want to fix up your home then you’re going to dwell on it and create stress the longer you leave it.


Before taking on any big projects, make sure you do your research. Are you going to be clearing a room out completely meaning you’ll need storage? If so, do you need someone like 2 Men And A Truck to move your stuff? These are just some of the thoughts that you will need to consider when you start on a renovation.


Most importantly though, don’t let work dictate to you how you live your personal life. If you want to make changes at home then go ahead and do them. Your career is an essential part of your life, but so is making sure that your home is your castle.



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