Feature writing

What is Feature Writing?

Feature writing is often what you see in magazines. These articles also make up a large part of newspapers too. A feature article is a longer article on a more detailed news topic. And they often appear a few days after a news story has run.

Feature articles can also be topical profile pieces, and anniversary events. They are basically a news story that’s more in-depth. One covering a number of sub-topics.

Feature writing examples

Here are two recent examples of my feature articles. They were published in the Age Group Triathlete Magazine (AGTM) magazine’s November 2015 and December 2015 issues.

You can visit the AGTM Facebook page and even download the magazine via iTunes too.

AGTM Issue 016 December 2015

Feature writing Dec 2015

AGTM Issue 015 November 2015

Feature writing Dec 2015

Contact me if you’d like further information on  feature writing. I can write for magazines or blog articles.

As part of my feature writing services, I can provide research and interviews. These can be used as for a blog or ghost blog for your business.

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In addition to feature writing, I can also provide the following services  :




To see some examples of my different writing view my portfolio.


My blog also gives you some more examples of my writing style and what I can do with your business blog. Plus you can also view some of my blog technical writing.

For technical blog content that’s easy to follow, view my blog content packages and prices.

I’m can also write regular blogs for you. Which saves you the hassle and time of writing. Which means you can focus on the running of your business and let someone else find the right words for you. What are you waiting for?

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