Writing and proofreading

Is your start-up or small business in need of a professional writing and proofreading service? Here’s a summary of my copywriting services.

Website Copywriting

Need cost effective copywriting for a new website? Is your existing content not ranking well on search engines?

I’m an SEO copywriter who understands the technical side of SEO. Plus I can enhance your content to maximise its chance of getting found.

Make sure your website is doing its job with these website copywriting packages. Designed for small business owners, they can be customised for all budgets.


Blog content writing

Blog content writing needs to be SEO-friendly. My blog packages are targeted for your audience, keyword researched and loved by search engines. Drive more customers to your website the right way.

Digital content writing

Build an email marketing list for your small business with a lead magnet.

Find out how you can re-purpose your existing content into a checklist, eBook, mini-course or template.

social media marketing word cloud

Social media content writing

Did you know that only 20% of headlines get clicks? With so much noise on social media, you need to make the most of your social media posts. Get more traffic to your website with social media content writing that gets noticed.

Business writing services

Effective business writing should be at the core of all your business communications. Your words should be succinct and easy to follow by anyone.

business document writing

Technical writing services

Jargon-free and easy to follow instruction manuals. My technical writing services will make your processes easy to follow.


Don’t damage your business reputation with documents that contain errors. Let another set of eyes proofread your words before you hit publish.

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