Creating A Beautiful Garden On A Budget

Creating A Beautiful Garden On A Budget

on Oct 9, 2018 in Motivation

When you first buy a home and finally have an outdoor space of your own it can feel like a huge privilege and you will likely be looking forward to many days out in the summer with your family and friends enjoying the sunshine. However gardening and creating a beautiful space might seem like it will cost a pretty penny and most of us might struggle investing lots into the garden in those first few years as we grapple the other bills we have in the home. The good news is you don’t have to spend a lot to get a great garden, and here are some of the ways you can make a beautiful garden on a budget.

Use a water tank

Water is the biggest cost when it comes to gardening because if you want to keep your plants alive and thriving you need to make sure they are watered throughout the warmer months. However, to save money on water, you can install a Team Poly water tank into the garden which will collect rainwater which you can then use to water your pants and keep the garden happy.


Don’t worry about maintenance

Maintenance includes anything from mowing the lawn to weeding, pruning and all those other jobs which need to be done outside. If you want to keep your garden looking beautiful and natural all year long keep the maintenance to a minimum. Do what you absolutely have to do but let the garden become fairly wild in its own way and you will see a beautiful change in the landscape outside your door.


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Use plants that spread

To save a lot of money when it comes to planting pretty flowers in your garden, a great technique is to plant seeds and bulbs which will naturally spread on their own. It reduces the amount you have to buy because they will take over the space on their own and look stunning. Forget-me-nots are a great example of a self-spreading flower, as are poppies and cornflowers. You can even sprinkle a cottage seed mix in the garden and just let it go wild.


Grow your own food

For a tip which will save you money in the kitchen as well as making a feature in the garden, you can always think about growing your own fruit and vegetables in the backyard. For example, strawberries are easy to grow in the summer, raspberries are large bushes which will spread in the autumn and things like carrots and potatoes will grow throughout the year. It will give you fresh food for the pantry and a lovely feature in your garden.


Reduce the need to mow

Mowing the lawn is time-consuming and it uses up a lot of electricity. To make your garden cheaper and beautiful at the same time you can get rid of a lot of your lawn and replace it will decorative stone or wood. It will make maintaining the garden much easier and it will look tidy and luxurious too.



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