5 Business Tips for the Busy Season

5 Business Tips for the Busy Season

on Dec 3, 2022 in Small business

The busiest time of the year is arguably the month of December following the Black Friday sales. In the lead-up to Christmas and in the post-Christmas sales, many businesses expect to turn over enough to sustain them through the quiet times; this is how to be more successful. 

Plan Forward 

It’s common for businesses to think in seasons, so if you’ve been in business for over a year, you should have some idea of what products and services sell well at different times of the year. Hopefully, you keep a record of what does well and why; if not, it’s time to start taking notes. 

Chances are, what worked for you last year will work for you again this season. Put the favorites front and center but remember the equation doesn’t always apply; there will be times when you have to mix things up and experiment to make the most of your seasonal sales this Christmas.  


Staff Morale 

When it gets to the end of the year, everyone is in celebration mode, even your staff, who you might notice wearing hats on their heads and tinsel around their necks. The busy season at the end of the year is physically and emotionally demanding, so you need to reward your workers. 

Make sure you have plenty of perks and bonuses lined up for your workers over Christmas, such as extra pay, Christmas gifts, nights out, and time off. If you are struggling to reward your staff at Christmas, consider getting additional help from https://retailworldmagazine.com.au

Major Promotions 

Don’t leave your promotions too late when it comes to Christmas; you want your brand or business to be one of the first places that come to mind for people, so start your promotions early and make them bold; this is one reason Black Friday arrives at such the perfect moment. 

Start with low-hanging fruit and get the word out to your seasonal customers about the latest stock and offers. One tip is to offer discounts for public reviews helping you to increase your season sales and create some solid social proof at the same time. A seasonal win-win scenario.  

Gather Reviews 

Customer reviews are the gold standard of promotional material; they create social proof for customers and remain on the internet as a legacy forevermore; the trouble is it can be difficult to land those quality customer reviews. The good news is people are happier to give them now. 

Reviews can be a little inconvenient for customers, so make sure the process is as slick as possible. If you can create a follow-up review that only takes a few minutes and only requires a few clicks, you can generate more social proof than you can publish to promote your business. 

Star Services 

Many businesses ebb and flow throughout the year, but they need to cover the off-season with better sales during busy times. Create strategies to make the most of the festive season by selling star services and products; then, you can relax when it’s quieter throughout the year.  

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