Why There is Less Online Noise This Week

Why There is Less Online Noise This Week

on Apr 21, 2016 in Creative writing

We get used to online noise. It doesn’t get louder but there’s more of it. Here’s what life’s like when you decide to remove yourself from social media for a week.

One world is less noisy this week

This week, the online world has been a little less noisy.

Thanks to my teen boy that is. He’s decided to remove Twitter, Facebook and Insta (Instagram) from his mobile. For a week. Yes. 7 days.

He said he’d only use his mobile for phone calls to his parents. Well, it’s not even that.

The sim on his phone decided to play up so his phone is now getting looked at and hopefully repaired. But in the meantime, he is phone-free this week.

It’s day 4 of the challenge and this is what I’ve noticed is different about my teen.


Here’s how different life is this week

He’s not stuck in his room for hours. Instead, he’s out in the kitchen/dining room area, talking to me.

He’s bored. Boredom is a good thing. It teaches you resourcefulness. It lets your mind have a rest too.

He’s helping me cook dinner. Now, this is a great one to be able to have an extra pair of hands in the kitchen. This week he’s helped cook chicken parmas, spaghetti bolognaise plus had a snack of dip, olives and carrot sticks ready when I walked in the door.


  • facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Buffer
  • Pinterest
  • Gmail


He talks more. Ok. He is not one of those grunting teenagers as yet. I actually don’t think that he’ll ever be either. He likes to talk too much. Anyway.

He engages with me. Obviously not via Twitter. He asks questions and listens.

He also makes me laugh. He tells me I’m anti-social as I’m sitting on my mobile answering emails.

He’s selected songs, one by one to play in the Sonos. He’s gone through some of our music library, playing songs, asking if I like them. He’s surprised me with songs that he knows (and likes) from my teenage years.

He’s next to me a lot more. He joins me on the couch, and he watches what I’m doing on my laptop (writing a blog).

He’s itching to do jobs for money. I had my floors swept and mopped. A win for both of us.

He’s realised that he spends a lot of time on his mobile. This is a wonderful thing. To accept what was.


But I’m definitely keen to see next week and whether life will be different with the phone back. Or if he’ll be back to his normal self and making his usual online noise.

I’m thinking that next week will be a switch off week for me. Not completely, but I aim to switch off the mobile as soon as I get home.

So there’ll be a little less noise on my part next week.


Over to you

So, have you completely removed yourself from the online world for a period of time? Or do you have set times when you switch off.

Please tell me about your experience. I’d love to hear how you found it.


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