Why Workspace is Vital to Employee Success

Why Workspace is Vital to Employee Success

on Jul 16, 2019 in Mental Health

Employees are spending increasing amounts of time at work, with the average person spending approximately one-third of their life in the workplace. Having an appropriate working environment is, therefore, essential for employee health. However, it isn’t just health and safety you need to be concerned about. Cultivating an appropriate working environment has a critical impact on your business performance too.

Show employees you care

Delivering a healthy work-life balance isn’t solely about providing employees with a decent amount of annual leave. How you set up and maintain the workplace can affect your employees too, so it’s something you need to put a lot of thought into. It’s no coincidence that companies that foster team building and employee loyalty are typically the same ones that deliver a healthy, safe and inspiring workplace. 


Providing social areas for employees, such as kitchens and games rooms, gives them the opportunity to take a break during the day, and shows that you recognise their needs. This ensures your employees know how much you value them, which can be motivating in itself. 


Increasing workplace safety

All companies are required to meet certain health and safety standards, and the workplace will feature prominently in any health and safety risk assessments. As well as having daily cleaning and regular in-depth cleaning, you’ll need to ensure that your employees have the space and equipment to perform their roles safely. 


With modular office furniture, innovative storage and a range of desks, such as standing desks shared desks, you can ensure your workplace gives employees what they need. Trying to work in cramped, messy or poorly maintained environments can decrease efficiency, as well as having a demoralising effect on employees. Updating your workplace doesn’t have to be costly, but it can be well worth the investment. 


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Improving productivity

Your working environment has a direct impact on your individual productivity, so employees will operate more efficiently if you provide an inspiring working environment. Furthermore, when employees have the tools, space and equipment to work efficiently, overall productivity will increase too. 


Although companies often try to streamline businesses processes and minimise costs in order to boost productivity, they tend to overlook the impact a good workspace can have. With the right changes and good maintenance, employee workspaces can significantly increase productivity.


Creating a healthy workspace

Although a motivating and inspiring workplace can have a considerable effect on your turnover and profits, it doesn’t have to come at a cost. Using professional equipment, such as Steamaster cleaners, can revitalise your premises and rejuvenate your existing office furniture, for example. Easy to utilise and budget-friendly, making use of top quality products can be enough to create a whole new working environment for your employees. 


For all businesses, your staff are one of your biggest assets, so taking care of them is vital. Providing a safe and motivating working environment should be one of your primary concerns, and it’s never too late to enhance your premises and workspace.




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