Reducing Paperwork In Your Business

Reducing Paperwork In Your Business

on Aug 20, 2019 in Productivity

Since exporting recyclable waste has been banned in Australia businesses have been thinking of various ways to reduce the amount of waste they are producing in the first place, and one of the most accessible starting points is with paper. Paper is, of course, useful in business, but it’s 2019, and there are many alternatives to files full of paper hanging around for years. Which of these are you already doing and which can you maybe add in to your business practices?

More Email

Does that letter really need to be sent? Can you possibly spend a minute finding the other person’s email address and send them a quick email instead? There will be a few reasons that a letter is necessary, but it’s always worth asking the question before popping a stamp on the envelope. Another alternative to consider is picking up the phone, not everyone loves the idea of a phone call, but saving the planet one step at a time! 


Paperless Office

Those little post-it notes and scraps of paper people use in the office? Are they necessary, or can we use the devices we have that are available? All phones and computers have notes and calendar capacity included with them now, so utilising these can cut waste paper in a big way. Calendars can even be synced to other software that can be shared with others. It’s hugely productive to manage calendars effectively and will even help you schedule meetings and save time. Staff management also includes hiring new staff and employee onboarding software


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Recycled Materials

One way to reduce waste is to reuse waste! There are plenty of recycled stationery options, from recycled cardboard files, recycled paper notepads, and recycled paper. There are so many options, and you’d be surprised at which office supplies you can replace to a much greener version. 


Double-Sided Printing 

If you really do have to print documents and there’s no way around it, then one of the best ways to create less waste is to buy a printer that can print on both sides of the paper. Not all printers have this option, so when you’re buying your office equipment, make sure this is a consideration if you’d like to cut down on your waste. Also, don’t forget to use the recycled paper you bought as well!


Use Software

No doubt you’re already using the software available to you to make running your business easier and quicker. But are there other options you could be using to reduce the amount of paper and materials that you’re using in your business? How do you communicate with your team? There are some excellent tools you can use, such as Zoom for distance conferences and meetings that will reduce the need for newsletters and memos flying around the office


It goes without saying that if you follow a few of these tips in your business you’re going to be on the way to becoming eco-friendly and contributing to improving the planet, and if you implement these tactics now, the quicker everyone benefits! 



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