Newborn Baby Essentials Every New Parent Needs Before Going Back To Work

Newborn Baby Essentials Every New Parent Needs Before Going Back To Work

on Apr 13, 2021 in Content marketing

If you are currently expecting, then it’s important to make sure that you are prepared for everything. There’s a lot to think about here and it’s possible that you have already given birth. If so, you could be a little behind with preparations. Below, you’ll find some of the key things that every parent needs for their newborn before you go back to work and leave your little one with a nanny or carer.

The Right Clothing 

First, you do need to make sure that you are buying the right clothing for your little one. Everything from sleepsuits to full outfits will be important here. It is worth avoiding spending a fortune though because it’s true what they say. Babies grow fast and if you’re not careful then this can just be money down the drain. You might also want to think about specific clothing types. For instance, you should consider whether you want to buy organic baby clothes. This can help avoid issues that you might have if your baby has sensitive skin. It’s also a way to keep your purchases green friendly. 

Bottles And Accessories

Feeding accessories are another crucial purchase. If you are breastfeeding then you will need to make sure that you buy a breast pump as well as storage containers for the milk. If you’re planning on using a nanny when you return to work, it’s also worth investing in a mini-freezer to ensure that you can stock up on milk and ensure that there’s plenty available when you’re not around. If you are bottle-feeding, then you’ll need to purchase the bottles as well as a milk machine. This will ensure that you don’t have to wait 15 minutes for the milk to cool down when using water from a kettle. 

A Bassinet 

You don’t have to buy the crib straight away but you should think about buying somewhere else that your little one can sleep until they are six months old. A lot of parents do linger on letting their baby sleep with them for a little too long. If you have your little one on the bed with you for weeks on end, then they can get attached and will struggle to sleep anywhere else. A bassinet or crib can help you avoid this issue completely and ensure that there is somewhere they can sleep that’s close enough in the night. 


Finally, from an early age, you do need to make sure that you are stimulating your child as much as possible. You must make sure that they have plenty of toys that are age appropriate and provide plenty of stimulation for your children. This can include toys with bright colors and that make noises. A playmat will be essential for making sure that they get tummy time early on. 

We hope this helps you understand the key things that you will need to purchase for your newborn baby. Remember, it’s best to be prepared rather than get caught off guard here. You should be starting to buy things for your baby after you pass the three month mark of your pregnancy. 

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