How to Stay On Good Terms With Your Employees

How to Stay On Good Terms With Your Employees

on Apr 2, 2019 in Small business

Not every person who sets up a business has a long-term vision of becoming a boss to employees. But once the company grows, that decision is taken out of their hands — they need others for the business to run smoothly. Before you realise it, you’re not just working on the ideas that’ll push your company forward, you’re now having to manage the people working underneath you. While it’s a tricky thing to manage, the best place to start is to simply stay on good terms with them. Everything else will be much easier once you have the basics in order! Below, we take a look at some guiding principles that’ll make sure that happens.

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Would You Do it?

One issue that commonly causes a divide between boss and worker is the employer’s unrealistic expectations when it comes to their staff. It’s always important to keep in mind that your staff are not worker drone bees — they’re human, and they’ll be negatively influenced by anything they perceive as unfair. Now, it can be difficult to know where this line is, since, of course, things need to be done — a good place to start, however, is, before asking a favour or request from a team member, to ask yourself “would I do this?” If the answer’s no, don’t ask!


Room to Grow

As we just said, this staff of yours are not worker drone bees, who are there to do whatever you ask. They have their own professional hopes and ambitions, and, if you can recognise and acknowledge this, then you’ll be able to foster a more nurturing relationship. A simple way to do this is to simply give the staff member room to grow — if you’ve hired correctly, then they’ll be able to perform whatever task you throw their way to a high standard. Inch by inch, give them more responsibility. It’ll benefit everyone.


Meet Your Responsibilities

Sometimes, it’s not about the extra steps you take to make your employees feel valued — it’s about getting the basics in order. If you don’t, your staff may well conclude, not unreasonably, that you don’t care. So what does this entail, exactly? It’s about taking things like their health and safety seriously, and being accommodating when it comes to accessibility and the like. It’s also about taking your responsibilities seriously — for example, working with a company like Nationwide Super to manage your employer super obligations, and paying wages on time. If you’re meeting your responsibilities to your staff, then you’ll be more likely to stay on good terms.


Personal Matters

They say that you should drop whatever personal drama you’re dealing with at the door when you arrive at work. But really, this is not only cold, it’s unrealistic. If someone’s going through a serious personal matter, then their head can’t be solely in their work — and it shouldn’t have to, either. You can keep your employees happy — and be an all-around awesome boss — by treating their personal matters with care. If they need time, give them time!



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