How to Write an Engaging Twitter Headline

How to Write an Engaging Twitter Headline

on Feb 1, 2016 in Social media

Is your Twitter headline getting clicks?

Here are some tips for writing your next tweet.


It can’t be that hard, can it? I mean it’s only a Tweet. Well, often saying less is harder. Especially when you are constrained. If you say more, your tweet gets cut off. If you don’t say it well enough no one will click or share.


The ideal tweet format

1. A Headline that’s around 100 characters The maximum tweet is 140 characters. If you write more, you tweet will be cut off. Ideally, you want to keep it at around 100 characters – that way it can be shared with comments.



2. Add a link to a webpage – and shorten it When you tweet, you want to add a web link. Whether it’s a homepage or a blog link you want to share. The URL of that webpage will take up some of your 140 maximum characters. Create a shortened URL to add to your tweet.  If you use WordPress, it can be generated on the page when you edit it – it’s called Get Shortlink. Otherwise, visit TinyURL and create one there. Then simply paste into your tweet.


3. Use hashtags (#hashtags) Write your 100 character tweet, get a shortened URL, then add in a maximum of two hashtags.  What is a hashtag you ask?   It’s a short description of what a post is all about. A bit like a category to the post or tweet. You can search social media sites via hashtags. So if your post is about Twitter tips, use #twittertips so it comes up in a search.


4. Add an Image Tweets with visuals get more interaction and clicks. You can view my blog about optimising your images for Twitter. Try using Pablo by Buffer or this social image resizer tool by Internet Marketing Ninjas.


Catchy headlines

Okay, there is no hard and fast answer to this one. You can try testing twitter headlines by writing two different headlines, publish and an hour (during your peak time to post) and view the engagements you get. But here are some options you can test.

1. Ask a question When writing a headline, ask a question.

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2. Ask people to retweet or like Ask people to share your tweet. You can also offer them a chance to win a giveaway too if they do.

  • Retweet for an entry into my draw to win a $50 book voucher

3. Use numbers Use numbers in your headline.

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4. Use adjectives Use adjectives in your headline.

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5. Use how, what, why, when I generally use how a lot, or here’s how

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So that’s a rundown of some tips you can use in your tweets.

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