Productivity Problems To Avoid, If You Want Business Success

Productivity Problems To Avoid, If You Want Business Success

on Apr 28, 2019 in Productivity

The saying ‘time is money’ hasn’t come about for no reason. In fact, it’s because in a business you will be paying out for things like wages, rent, utilities, and overhead even if nothing is being done. That is why achieving high levels of productivity is so important! Happily, this is an issue that you can get some help with in my post below.


One of the biggest roadblocks to productivity in the workplace is employee distractions, and who among us can say that we have never stopped to have a chat with a colleague or replied to a personal email in work time?



However, one of the most insidious work distractions is that of Business email, something that is supposedly essential to the good if the company but actually just drains employees focus and flow.


After all, do your staff really need to email the person sitting across the desk from them 5 times, and do they need to check every single email as it comes in rather than at a few specially designated times in the day? Of course, the answer is no, and if you want productivity to stay high a change in email culture is often necessary.


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IT, we all use it, but is it serving our employees and the business in the most efficient way possible, or is it actually holding up productivity?


Well, if you don’t have effective systems integration, it could be the latter. After all, what use is vital information that is only accessible by certain members of staff, and how much time of their own and others will they use up trying to gain access to this? A lot, that’s how much!


Additionally, IT can cause a serious issue with productivity if the systems and networks that you are using are reliable. To that end, it’s well worth investing in proactive IT management that will allow you to detect any issues before they become significant problems and stop work.


Motivation and morale

No matter how good your email policies and your IT system is, if your employees aren’t motivated, you will struggle with productivity issues.


That is why it’s crucial to have a pragmatic approach to time management that encourages a high level of morale. One way to do this is to encourage time blocking where employees are laser focuses for 25-30 mins, and then are rewarded by 5 mins in which they can do whatever they like (within reason). An approach that can keep up motivation and morale as well as ensure that productivity remains as high as possible.




Of course, treating your employees well in other ways is certainly something that can help you to keep morale and so productivity level high as well.


In particular, be sure that you pay them at a competitive rate, and also pay attention to the culture that dominates the work environment. In fact, you want this to be one that allows employees to be heard, because this is a crucial element of keeping morale high, and so keep your productivity level as high as possible.




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