The Big Projects In Your Home For 2019

The Big Projects In Your Home For 2019

on Mar 1, 2019 in Productivity

Decorating your home could of been the least of your priorities in recent months, and that is understandable. After all, with the busy festive period, and the pinch we all feel in January, no wonder you have hibernated and just stuck to your routines of work and life. However, with spring masking an appearance, it might be time to start thinking about your home decoration plans for the year ahead. So here is a little inspiration to help you get started with your planning.


The kitchen

One of the first big projects you could consider would be the kitchen. This is one room in your home that can add significant value when done right. But it is also one of the renovations that can cause a lot of upheaval to your life while it is being done. A new kitchen can be amazing, and it gives you the chance to design it just as you would want it. Be that a breakfast bar, a wine cooler, or a double oven.


An extension

Extending your home will always be the one thing that has the biggest and most dramatic impact on your home. Whether it is just a ground level extension or double extension where you add upstairs rooms to it as well. It can be a great way to finally get the home you want and utilise the space you do have to the best of its ability. However, an extension can be costly so you may want to try and save where you can and one bit can be the labour intensive part of digging the footings out. You could look at Excavator Hire to try and keep the costs down. Or even rope in the help of friends and family if you don’t feel confident yourself.


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The bathroom

Like the kitchen, the bathroom can also be a big project to take on, and it can add a lot of value as well as it tends to be one of the projects people want to avoid doing. Getting a plumber to take care of the fittings and fixtures will be a mind saver so you know that everything will be working as it should be. Get these projects booked in fast as though, as the summer months tend to be a popular time for things such as kitchens or bathrooms.


Changing the layout

Maybe you like the idea of changing the layout in your home. Not everyone has a great deal of land to consider extensions, but that doesn’t mean that your home still can’t work for you as a family. Knocking a wall down and embracing open plan living could be the best way to do that. Combine it with another project like decorating or a new kitchen and you will be good to go.


Landscaping the garden

Finally, landscaping the garden can be a great way to add some value to your home, give you a space to utilise in the spring and summer, and also be a big project rolled into one. People don’t regard the garden as a big project but when you think about what you might want to include, such as an outdoor kitchen, an area to socialise or even just a nice grassy area, it can be a lot of work.


Let’s hope this has inspired you to take on a big project in your home this year.



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