15 Different Content Types To Mix It Up For Your Small Business

15 Different Content Types To Mix It Up For Your Small Business

on Aug 13, 2016 in Content marketing

Need to mix up your content but don’t know what else you can use?

Here are 15 different content types to try

Content marketing is all about producing new content (or re-purposed content) that attracts readers, engages and generates leads.

But there’s such a push for everyone to be content marketing. But it’s hard to work out what to produce or what the latest trend is that’ll get shares.


Are you consistently producing blog after blog, or not even consistently for that matter?

Perhaps you’re only doing an ad-hoc blog when you can find the time?

Here’s an infographic of 15 different content types you can use.

Get some new ideas and get your creative mind thinking. And have a bit of fun creating different types of content for your readers.



Infographic with 15 different content types to try

Here’s an infographic I’ve put together of some popular content types. It was the first infographic I’ve ever produced and it was a bit of fun to create.

15 different content types infographic
  • facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Buffer
  • Pinterest
  • Gmail


Content marketing isn’t just about blogging, but if you’ve written a blog, think about how you can give it more mileage. Or produce different content like what’s below.


Visual content

Charts or graphs

Present the information on your blog as a chart. Visual communication is an effective tool for getting your message across. People long remember a visual.



Memes can be made using 5 key points from each blog and turning the key points into 5 memes. Set them up with a consistent background and schedule on social media.



Surveys or polls can be conducted on Twitter or Facebook or even using Survey Monkey to interact. This gives your audience a chance to have their say.



The infographic says it all with some key points, charts and other visuals. It can be a bit of fun to put your graphic design skills to work. Don’t worry, there are lots of templates that get you started with different boxes, colours and fonts to guide you. I used Canva’s Infographic maker for the one in this blog post.



Continuing with the visual theme, an image can say a lot. Look at Instagram where it’s all about images.



Source relevant quotes, inspirational quotes, or make your own to promote on social media. A branded background with a quote gets your message to others and promotes your brand.

Written content

Website copy

If you’re on Facebook with a business page only, then it’s time to look into creating a website to drive all those social media followers too. While a social media following can build generate leads, so does SEO copywriting. You’ll get targeted traffic (people that are ready to buy) and improve your other social platforms too. Remember, people use Google these days and don’t pull out their Yellow Pages to look you up.


Press releases

A press release obviously requires a bit more work to get out in the media. Or you can simply create a press release for your website as part of a news item that features maybe a new staff member to your company.



White papers take some time to prepare due to their length but can get more mileage, particularly in a professional sense.



You can create an eBook from your existing blog topics by elaborating on the broader ideas. eBooks can be a useful lead magnet for your business too as it consolidates in one place key information.


Digital magazines

Digital magazines are a way to produce a high-quality output that can be delivered as a website that links together information from various sources. Or it can also be made into an interactive magazine that is like flicking through a magazine in real life.


Video and audio content


Webinars allow you one-on-one engagement with your target audience. Set one up and talk in more depth about the blog you’ve just written.



Now how long has YouTube been around? Have you made a video yet? I have only just started with video, and while it’s a bit daunting, it can really keep people on your web page for longer.

It can also be a great way to build rapport with your target audience. Need help? Have a look at Writing Works who can get you on your way to engaging video using their template.



Ok, I’ll admit I’ve yet to create one yet, but it’s on my to-do list. I have a few podcasts I listen too regularly and they’re great. I can download and listen to them at my own convenience.

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