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If you’ve stumbled across this page, welcome. I’m Kelly and I’m a freelance writer who knows a bit about SEO.

Are you a small business owner and need a website to launch your business?

Or do you already have a website, but it’s not growing your business?

My SEO copywriting services include website copywriting and blog content writing.

I’m here to help get your small business noticed online. And once it’s noticed, that people stick around too.

SEO Copywriting Services Melbourne

SEO website copywriting

If you’re starting a new business, you definitely need a web presence. And you’ll know that the look and feel of your site is important.

But so are your words. So that’s why it’s important to get your copy right. This means choosing the correct keywords for each page and optimising your site for SEO. Copy that’s stuffed with keywords can harm your SEO and give you a black mark against your site.

Plus it won’t be a very engaging read for your potential customers. They’re more likely to leave your site.

I’ve learned SEO techniques that are designed for people first and Google second. Not the other way around. Need web copy that potential customers can find, but that also speaks, engages and creates action?

Check out my SEO website copywriting package.

Website copywriting

 Blog content writing

Can’t remember the last time you blogged? Or you do but your blogs are not getting found or shared? Writing and sharing blog content is part of content marketing.

Content marketing is valuable to your business because it

  • helps to build authority
  • keeps your site’s content fresh
  • attracts new visitors and
  • keeps people returning to your site.

Your blogs need to solve problems, be high quality and regular. If you don’t have time to produce quality blog content I can help with regular blog writing.

Each of my blogs are carefully planned using keyword research.

I then write to answer a question that  your target audience has. Next I optimise for SEO. Then I create headlines for you to share your blog on social media. Then it’s over to you.

Find out more about my blog content writing packages.

Blog content writing