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Need a hand optimising your copy so it’s search ending friendly?

Have you tried optimising your web copy and found it hasn’t improved your website’s ranking?

Perhaps you’ve gone too hard using the same keyword over and over again and your copy is clunky to read? Maybe the keyword you chose doesn’t get much traffic?

If you haven’t considered any of the above, then it’s going to be a bit of struggle to get the traction you need to grow your business. But it can be done!

SEO copywriting gives your site that extra tweak to make sure each web page gets found and converts.

Keyword research

Finding the right keywords

Conversion copywriting

Copywriting that sells

Keyword optimisation

Tweaking your website copy

Internal linking

Linking to build page authority

Keyword research

Before creating any web page on your site, you need to find the keywords people are using to find your product or service. Are they looking to research a product or are they ready to buy?

Keyword research allows you to identify high traffic yet low competition phrases to target.

Keyword optimisation

Optimising your page title, meta-description, images, headings and web copy for your primary and secondary keywords.

Scannable web copy

We scan not read so your copy needs to be formatted so your website visitors can scan the page to find the information they need – without having to read the whole page.

Linking your copy

External and internal linking helps to strengthen your web pages and keeps people on your site for longer.
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Skills and training

I’m a graduate of The Recipe for SEO Success and I’ve also undertaken copywriting courses with the AWC and Copywrite Matters.

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Get your website copy working for you

Send me a message so I can help you to create copy that gets found, engages and converts.
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SEO Copywriting
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SEO Copywriting
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Kelly O'Donnell,
Heidelberg Road,Ivanhoe,Melbourne-3079,
Telephone No.0403 898 007
Onsite content optimisation to improve your website's ranking in SERPs.

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