4 Ways To Prepare The Workplace For Your Employees To Return

4 Ways To Prepare The Workplace For Your Employees To Return

on Oct 14, 2020 in Small business

It is confounding enough for an entrepreneur to explore the economic aftermath and instability of this COVID-19 pandemic. Pushing through all the challenges of this new environment, combined with staff members that feel overwhelmed by the dangers of getting back to work, can also create a daunting test for you and your workplace. With the pandemic staying longer than expected, employers and employees across the country are already looking to get back to work.  

The world is gradually emerging from lockdowns imposed by Governments in the wake of the rising COVID-19 infections rate, and returning to the office or workplace is on the minds of both business owners and employees. But is your business ready for the return? Have you done enough to make your workers and customers feel safe? Must your entire staff return to the workplace? Answering these questions can be overwhelming, but these tips should guide you through the process. 

  1. Clean and disinfect the workplace

One significant step towards returning to the workplace is to clean and disinfect. These have been an essential part of reopening public spaces which require cautious planning. The infection that causes COVID-19 can be eliminated with the utilisation of the right cleaning products and disinfectants. However, you need to be very careful in the cleaning products you buy, as the World Health Organization (WHO) and other regulatory bodies have raised concerns and issued warnings to companies selling fraudulent covid-19 products. It is essential to get approved and effective products to decrease the danger of coronavirus introduction and spread. 

  1. Provide safety equipment 

Cleaning and sanitizing your workplace are good steps towards ensuring your readiness to commence a business, but is that enough? Not exactly. With your company set to open its doors to customers and traders, the risk of reintroduction of the virus into the workplace is high. This makes it imperative to provide personal protective equipment like hand sanitizers, nose masks, among others. Various companies are presently selling PPEs to keep their workers safe. Having these items in stock and readily accessible will ease strains and assist employees in acclimatizing to working in contact with others. 

  1. Improve your air quality 

With your business operating indoors and having been closed for an extended period due to lockdowns, it is essential to ventilate the workplace to eliminate stale air. A study by Science Mag suggested that the quality of the air in the workplace plays a huge role in productivity and efficiency. To do so, ensure to install new air filters beforehand, to prevent disruption upon business commencement. Also, stay informed with all the appropriate indoor air hygiene protocols to benefit staff and employees. 

  1. Start gradually

Opening your doors and permitting a large number of individuals to return to a mutual working space poses a significant risk for spreading the virus and expanding the chances of a second flood of COVID-19 flare-ups. Therefore, proceed with working remotely while gradually introducing workers to the workplace. Keep regular correspondence with employees on when they are permitted to return fully to a typical workplace setting. Additionally, develop and share an exit plan in the event a returning employee tests positive for COVID-19. Sound and healthy staff members are less likely to require time off due to sickness, therefore decreasing chances of absenteeism which increases productivity and profitability of the business.

Image source: Pixabay.com


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