Working From Home Now? How to Make the Transition Easier

Working From Home Now? How to Make the Transition Easier

on Nov 17, 2020 in Small business

Whether you’ve launched your own business, or the pandemic has caused you to work from home for the time being, it’s essential to have a space to separate home life from your work life. Many people fall into the trap of working all around their home, which can be an amazing perk! However, it can then become difficult to know when to switch off from work mode and give yourself time to relax at home, not to mention the risk of losing important paperwork in different areas of your home. Setting up a home office isn’t difficult, but if it’s a change to what you’re used to you may be looking for some tips. We’ve put together some fantastic ways to make the transition easier!

Choose a space in your home

If you don’t have a room to dedicate per se, you can still create a home office! Choose a space in your home that’s as free from distractions as possible. This might be in your dining room, or in the corner of your kitchen where you can get on with work without temptations or distractions. Find an area that’s got plenty of natural light to avoid feeling sleepy and stay motivated!

Create the right climate

Working in less than optimal conditions won’t aid you in any way. Create a climate that will help optimise your levels of productivity. You may consider painting your new home office to a more neutral tone to avoid distractions, or you may even consider adding a heater or evaporative condensers to help keep the temperature just right in your office. A great way of achieving the right working climate is by thinking about what previous employers have provided (or not provided) and working from there.

Kit yourself out with gear

If you’re working from home due to the pandemic, then it’s likely your employer has sent you away with everything you’ll need to perform your job. However, if you’re running your own business, you’ll need to kit yourself out with everything you may need such as a fax machine, printer, scanner, shredding machine, and plenty of stationary. Take some time to think about what tools you’ll need to work efficiently and kit yourself out! You’ll be able to claim the VAT back on the items you’ve purchased, and you should definitely list them as a business expense in your accounts.

Find a comfortable chair

If you’re going to be sitting at a computer for long periods of time, then it’s essential to find yourself a comfortable chair. Not only will this help with productivity, but it will also save your posture and prevent you from back pain. If you struggle with back pain already, it might be worth investing in an orthopedic office chair to prevent doing any more damage to your back.

Working from home has many perks, and once you’ve got your home office set up you can begin to reap those benefits! Don’t forget to stick to a schedule as much as possible to avoid late night working and falling behind on deadlines!

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