Safety At Work, Here’s What You Should Make A Priority

Safety At Work, Here’s What You Should Make A Priority

on Apr 24, 2021 in Small business

Occupational safety rules are designed to ensure that the work environment of workers is safe and risk-free. The responsibility for compliance with the safety rules applies to both the employer and the employee. The employer is responsible for ensuring that all activities taking place in the workplace are carried out in a way that ensures the safety and health of the workers. The employee has a duty to comply with the safety rules, use the safety equipment, participate in training and follow the instructions. If there is a lack of communication, not only is it unsafe for both parties but could reflect badly on the company. 

Before hiring anyone, you should be sure that you are choosing someone that is trustworthy and able to communicate well. If they show signs of being unwilling to learn or are not compliant, that is a red flag. You want to be sure that you can trust them with your set of master keys and with the passwords of your computer systems. If the trust isn’t there, then there is a problem, undoubtedly. Here are some things to consider for any business:

1.Safety – reducing the potential for a work accident, by managing risks and reducing them to the minimum possible (acceptable risk). 

2.Occupational hygiene – reducing the potential for occupational disease, by identifying and recognizing disease-causing risk factors, controlling and preventing risk factors in the work environment and identifying risk factors that may adversely affect the employee’s health. 

3.Accident at work – an event that occurs quickly and unexpectedly, as a result of a dangerous situation or a dangerous action performed by the employee and may result in damage to the employee’s health or damage to property. 

4.Occupational disease – people with slowly evolving body works by prolonged exposure to harmful agents adversely affecting the human body such as exposure to chemicals, radiation, noise and more.


Fixing the problem – some tips for businesses 

In order to get on top of this problem, there are some tips to adhere to which will make life easier in the long run for everyone. Nobody wants a lawsuit or anything that could damage the company’s reputation. If this happens, thousands could be lost in trying to fix the problem. Therefore, be safe and ensure that all workers know what is expected of them. 

Fire outlets

Make sure that all fire outlets are always able to open out of the building during working hours and that they are not blocked by debris bins that could make it difficult to open the doors.

Fire extinguishers

All workers must be trained in how to use a fire extinguisher. They must be inspected yearly and be in a position that is easy to find and in plain sight.

High places

The company must provide ladders, stairs or stools in areas where there are high shelves and in other cases where workers will have to reach a high place. 

Safety signs

Signs like “no smoking” or “no running” should be in place and it should be mandatory that they are adhered to constantly. 


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