Is Your Website Exciting Enough?

Is Your Website Exciting Enough?

on Apr 16, 2018 in Content marketing

When people want to find out information about your company the first place they will visit is your website. A website is like an online window to your brand and it allows people to find out a lot more about who you are as a company and what you can offer. This is why the quality of your website is incredibly important if you want to succeed.

Nail the website design

When someone first clicks onto a website they will make a snap judgement right away based on the overall design of the page. If you have a slow loading website with pixelated images and terrible font, to will not grab anyone’s attention and they will likely leave your website in favour of one more interesting. If you don’t know much about design yourself you can hire a company like Novage Web Design and simply let them know what type of design you want for the site and what colours to use. They will then go away, design something for you and show it to you before it goes live. The design is incredibly important in a website so make sure you don’t take it for granted.


Change your layout

When you visit a website you want to make sure that people find it interesting enough to want to stay. If you visit a website and every single page has the same layout, it can become pretty boring and you end up not paying enough attention to the site. Try and mix things up with each page so that on the home page you have a large image banner at the top and then other content, on your article pages you have a sidebar with related posts etc. It will make things more interesting and makes people want to stay.



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Content on your website is incredibly important if you want people to stay interested in your site and carry on browsing through for longer. Think about creating concise and witty content for your web pages which will grab peoples attention and keep them engaged for longer. You can also encourage people to share your content on social media to spread the word further.



A picture speaks a thousand words. If you can nail getting the perfect images for your website, you are already halfway there to making it look professional and clean for people to browse through. Images will always draw attention because they use colour, light and depth to convey a story. It might be worth taking a photography course and learning how to make the most engaging images you can for your website. Remember, it is always better to make your own photo than to use stock photos for a website.

Device friendly

When you are trying to create a successful and useful website the most important thing to think of is making it work on mobile devices too. Most people will use their phones to access the internet on a day to day basis so make sure they are able to access your content.


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