Top Tools for Freelance Writers

Top Tools for Freelance Writers

on Nov 23, 2015 in Copywriting

Here are a few tools for freelance writers that I hope you’ll find useful. They make my life a whole lot easier too, so I thought I’d share a few of them with you.


Technology can be our best friend – when it’s all running smoothly that is, but when it isn’t, our jobs become so much harder. So, it’s vital to have secure backups in place that are off-site.

SugarSync, once set up, is a set and forget piece of software that you load onto your PC and it backs up the files and folders you select. Every time I log in to my computer and work on any of my files, it’s actively saving to the Cloud. What’s particularly great about this is that I don’t have to remember to backup myself.

With subscriptions available from USD7.49 per month, it’s an affordable backup solution for me. I also have this loaded on my iPad too, so I can file share between my iPad and my laptop.



Microsoft Word on my iPad

With the latest version of Microsoft Office, my subscription enables me to load a version on my iPad. Although a cut-down version of the software, it still works well enough to enable me to draft up a blog post, or an article and then I can do the formatting later on my PC.

With either Sugar Sync or Dropbox, the file syncs to my laptop.


iPad Keyboard

I love the keyboard for the iPad. It has a nice feel to the keypad, has a great cover where the top folds up to become a stand for iPad.  My only issue is not having a mouse attached, or when I go back to my laptop I keep forgetting I don’t need to touch the laptop screen.

It packs away nicely for travel too so you don’t need to take a laptop away if you’re on a quick trip. It’s a great little add on the iPad to increase its functionality and wireless too.


Olympus Digital Recorder & Telephone Pickup Mic

If I need to conduct a phone interview, then an  Olympus Digital voice recorder (VN-711PC) and the Olympus Telephone Pickup Mic – TP8  are great buys.  The earpiece microphone goes in one ear then plugs into the Olympus digital voice recorder.


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