Top Tips For Designing Your Modern Office

Top Tips For Designing Your Modern Office

on Jan 16, 2022 in Productivity, Small business

Businesses need excellent office spaces to operate out of, so it is no surprise that they spend a lot on these structures. According to JLL, Australia requires an additional 13 million square metres of office space by 2047 to cater to its growing population. Therefore, it is crucial to know about the latest in office design if your business is considering building workspaces in the future. Here are some top tips you can follow to design your modern office.

Pay attention to curb appeal

Customers and passers-by form first impressions about your company by simply looking at it from the outside. As such, it would help to design your modern office with curb appeal in mind. For starters, invest in prominent signage which people can easily read from across the street and around the sidewalks. Your signage is the first thing many people notice, so ensure that it contains your log, business name, and essential information like working hours and contact details. Additionally, offer ample parking space, maintain your greenery, and paint your exterior. You can also invest in great external vertical louvres to beautify your exterior and make it worth a second glance.

Add mood-enhancing elements

Modern offices focus on boosting workers’ overall satisfaction, so it would be best to design yours in a way that makes workers want to spend their time there. Therefore, incorporate mood-boosting elements like art and fresh scents to elevate their experiences while at work. Additionally, integrate natural elements like plants, stones, and running water into your office design to enhance workers’ productivity, concentration, and creativity.

Open up the space

The open layout design is a notable feature of many modern offices. Therefore, open up your space as much as possible irrespective of how small or big your office is. An open layout enables you to make the most of available space and make the area seem larger in some cases. Also, Deskmag research that 59% of employees think an open office space allows them to better interact with others. As such, opening up your space is also worth considering to give your staff more room to collaborate and promote effective communication. Finally, an open layout can help you save money since you don’t have to spend on many partitions and cubicles.

Create break-out areas

Many modern offices are more than a mere area filled with computers and desks. Business owners have realised the need for workers to take breaks away from the office environment, so many offices now have dedicated spaces where employees can catch breaks. Break-out areas aren’t just for relaxation and eating lunch since employees can also use them to continue their creative processes away from their computers. The best thing about these areas is the freedom to design them as you please. There is no need to maintain a formal design like the main office space, so there are abundant opportunities to make them as creative and fun as possible for a more modern office.

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