The Thrilling New Roles Of Brand Managers

The Thrilling New Roles Of Brand Managers

on Nov 24, 2021 in Marketing

As far as some of the more exciting or glamorous roles that exist in modern business go, the role of Brand Manager is probably one of the better ones.

A good Brand Manager holds the keys to the success of your product line or business, and depending on the sector you’re operating in, you could be in for a very wild ride.  Business is reopening, albeit slowly and the question that all good Marketing Managers are asking their Brand Managers is this:

How is business going to rebrand itself in a post-Covid reality successfully?

It used to be that Brand Managers had to be absolutely sure of who their customers were; well, that’s changed a little in our new post-Covid existence. Now, the question that Marketing departments have to answer is this: how well do you know the sector you’re operating in?

What that means in simple terms is that the operating fields of just about every business, big or small, has changed almost to the point of being unrecognisable. But, this also means that for companies that are prepared to roll with the punches as it were, a whole new world exists for you. Creative Brand Managers have been blessed with the rarest of opportunities – the chance to rebrand entirely and redirect your business model into brand new areas and marketplaces.

Along with the change in operational spheres, there has also been a change in the ideology of how businesses approach their client retention programs. Whereas in the past, it might have been true that your company was only as good as its knowledge of your competition, now it’s true that your brand is only as strong as the last client interaction it enjoyed.

In layman’s terms, that means that in this new world of highly connected user-driven networks, the integrity and credibility of your brand could hinge on something as seemingly insignificant as one single engagement with an end-user or consumer.

For the proactive Brand Manager, this is career gold. It means that companies have started taking their brands, whether individual products within their overall services provided or the companies brand as a whole, a lot more seriously.

Customer expectations have also changed dramatically, from a time pre-Covid where you could get away with not having a solid presence online provided you had a well-stocked store or shop that offered a diverse range of products and services. Now, it’s more likely that you need to deliver everything online that your physical store offers.

It’s always a good idea to relook your business and make changes when needed, but now it’s become a necessity. Your customer journey is integral to how your business will survive, and the gatekeeper of that journey is your Brand Manager.

So now, businesses are looking at brand new, innovative ways to provide greater levels of engagement across multiple lines and media to do that. Traffik Agency is a superb example of how you can elevate activations and brand engagements to dazzling new heights.

Survival in the post-Covid economy rests on your ability to see the change, respond to it and proactively offer solutions as the marketplace demands it. Still, if this seems scary to you – trust us, your Brand Manager is going to love it.

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