Things to Avoid With Your Website

Things to Avoid With Your Website

on Oct 4, 2019 in SEO

Whether you’re setting up a business or just want to have your own passion project on the web, your website is going to be a fundamental aspect of your success. Get it right, and you’ll have a site that works well with your mission, brings in visitors, is engaging, and so on. Get it wrong, and you’ll find that you’re forever facing an uphill battle when it comes to finding success. While many people have a lot of good ideas regarding what they’ll bring, sometimes new website owners make some fundamental errors that compromise the quality of their site. Below, we take a look at some things that you’ll want to avoid.

Doing too Much

In trying to get as many visitors as possible, some website owners try to cram as much information onto their site as possible. They try to cater for all needs and interests. While you can see why this is appealing, the truth is that sites like this end up feeling cluttered and suffer from a lack of direction. Instead, think about what you’re specifically trying to do, and just focus on that. It’s much better to keep your content limited to one area, and go into deeper detail, rather than trying to do too much.


Lack of Reliability

Your website might have outstanding content, and be genuinely useful for visitors, but if it runs too slowly or is frequently down/offline, then you’ll have trouble building a loyal fan base. As such, it’s important that you’re spending some time to make sure the “under the hood” aspect has been taken care of. Make sure that you view web hosting plans, and find the plan that’s right for your needs. You should also check your site on various different operating systems and web browsers, to ensure that everyone gets the same great web experience no matter what device they’re using to visit your website. 


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Annoying Aspects

The internet is by and large fantastic, but there are some annoying aspects that you should avoid. Many owners add things like too many pop-ups, autoplay videos, and dark patterns because they think that it’ll help grab more people. And it’s true: they do, but only a short-term basis. Many internet users find these things annoying, so they might decide to leave and never come back. 


Outdated Designs

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your website design (in fact, it’s recommended that you don’t), but equally, you don’t want to have it looking like it’s from the early noughties. Make sure you have a modern design; if you can’t do it yourself, then work with an expert that can. 


All About You 

Finally, remember that competition for people’s interest online is fierce. If the site is all about you and your objectives, then you can’t blame people for going elsewhere. Instead, make sure that you’re offering valuable content for your visitors. It’s not all about you; it’s about them, and that’s the framework under which you should be working. 



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