Three Services Your Small Business Needs Today

Three Services Your Small Business Needs Today

on Apr 28, 2019 in Small business

Your business is a demanding thing, something that you need to stay on top of all the time, and which tests your patience and skills to the limit on a daily basis. You can’t control every twist of fate or roadblock which happens to influence the fortunes of your company, but what you can control is the quality of the suppliers you choose to work with. Every company needs to buy in additional resources, from office suppliers to the branded boxes their goods ship in, and in this you have a real opportunity to better your business, by making connections with great experts who can really help to shape the way that your business is run.


Website Design

Your website is your shop window to the world – the place where customers, investors and more find out about what you do and get a sense of your brand, but very few entrepreneurs have a background in web design themselves. With such a high-stakes issue, working with an agency who have a proven track record in responsive web design, page architecture, search engine optimisation and user experience is definitely worthwhile. They can keep you aware of the latest trends in design and suggest incremental improvements that can help to generate more leads, push out great quality content or improve the average basket value of an eCommerce site. Often, we can’t see the wood from the trees when it comes to our own site we’re so used to navigating, and presume it’s a lot better than it is. By undertaking things like user testing and site mapping, the right agency can challenge you to do better and have a huge impact on your business.



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Business Accounting

Accounting is a huge part of the business – it’s what keeps the money rolling in and everyone getting paid on time. Get it wrong however, and the consequences can be dire. Messing up tax payments, paying suppliers late or missing out on monies from late-paying customers can impede your cashflow – which is usually tight in start-businesses – and even spell the end of many a promising outfit. Looking after this area can actually take up a huge amount of your time – so if you can afford to outsource to a business accountancy firm, you may find you’re better off being able to focus on the creative drive and vision for your enterprise, while someone else makes sure that the money side of things is still doing what it should. Having a second opinion on your financial decisions is also invaluable, especially if you are a solo entrepreneur.


CRM Systems

Your customers are the heartbeat of your business, but without a decent CRM system, there’s no doubt that you will be missing opportunities to serve them better and profit from that. Being able to offer a personalised service is the point of difference that small businesses can actually do better than their blue-chip corporate rivals, and being able to understand and analyse your customer data is not only critical to this, but it can also be a formative element in how you shape your operations and the direction that you choose to take your business in.




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