Great Ways To Show Off Your Art

Great Ways To Show Off Your Art

on Mar 1, 2019 in Motivation

Creating art is one of the most freeing and creative things we can do in our lives. Being able to put colour into paper and create shapes and animals and people is amazing and it is a wonderful way to help us let out our emotions onto the page.


A lot of the time when we create our own art every day, it ends up shut inside a sketchbook or hidden away in our homes, and this can be a huge waste. If we want to make the most of our talent and the hobby we love, we might want to show it off to the world, and today we are looking at just some of the ways we can do this.

Hang it up

The easiest way which you can make the most of your artistic talent this year is to hang up your artwork at home on the walls. Instead of hiding your artwork away you should show it off with pride and make sure it can be seen by anyone who visits you. It can be a great talking point for guests and it is always a good thing to be able to look at your own work.


Gift it to family

A great method for making sure that your art can be shown off to the world is to gift it to both friends and family for their birthdays and at Christmas. Artwork is a wonderful thing to create for people, and when you create pieces for the people you love you can stand to create something which is truly stunning. They will love the effort and thought which has gone into the piece and it will be hung up in their own homes with pride and joy.


YouTube it

If you are a dab hand behind the camera as well as with a paint brush, a great option for you would be to create a YouTube channel where you film yourself making beautiful artwork for your fans. Artists are super popular online and often the people who watch their videos will support the artist and buy their works whenever they can. You can create a loyal fanbase and be able to show your art to world.


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Create social media

If YouTube isn’t for you, this doesn’t mean you can’t still share your work with people all over the world. Instead of making videos you can instead think about creating social media channels such as an Instagram and Facebook account to share your art with the public. Once you build up an audience you can offer to create commissions for your customers and this can help you become a successful artist online.


Open an Etsy shop

Etsy is a wonderful place which can allow you to sell your arts and crafts online and make a living from doing something which you genuinely love. Opening an Etsy shop can be a great chance for you to show off your art to a vast audience and to make a living by selling your work to people from all over the world.


Visit a trade show

One of the more interesting ways for you to show off your art and make a good impression with the public would be to create a stall at a trade show or a local fair in your area. Many artists join trade shows and fairs and this allows them to be face to face with their audience and to make a lasting impression as well as some sales. You can design a stand with to show off your best works and attract people to come and visit your stand. You’ll be able to talk to people about your pieces and the inspiration behind them and this can help you build a real relationship with your audience.


Exhibit at a gallery

Exhibiting at an art gallery might seem like something you could never do, but the fact is that there is nothing stopping you from asking for some wall space in any of the local galleries in your area. It is always worth asking and if you are successful you could be displayed in front of a huge crowd and in front of people who are actually within the art community. Being able to exhibit your art in a real gallery will give you more credibility as an artist and it will likely open a lot of doors for you in the future to do other things and to thrive as an artist.



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