Is Your SEO Strategy Relevant To Your Business?

Is Your SEO Strategy Relevant To Your Business?

on Oct 30, 2019 in SEO, Small business

Getting your business to rise to the top of the search engine results page is no easy task. And, even if you get there, there are lots of factors that can immediately get you sliding back down. Your competitors could up their search engine optimization game, and you can’t both be the number one hit for the search term that you want. Google could change its algorithms again, and in doing so, put more weight on an aspect of your site design that you are not so strong in.  


SEO is a juggling act, and you need to be continually throwing the balls back up in the air in order to successfully keep the momentum going. Here are some tips for driving your business up the search results pile. 

Knowing Your Niche

Every business is different, but if you are going to farm out responsibility for driving your law firms SEO out to a third-party company, can you be sure that they understand what the demands of your customers are. What are the specific terms that they are using to look for the services that you offer, and where can improvements be made. 

Using an SEO firm such as Known, Liked and Trusted you can get the support that is relevant to your industry instead of having unresearched generic keywords being used haphazardly by someone who does not understand what you are offering.


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Getting Your Keywords Right

There are plenty of tools on the market for analyzing search terms that may be relevant to your industry and to the exact services you are offering. Finding out what the popular terms are will let you know what you are missing out on knowing how to put these into action is crucial to your success. Don’t stuff all of your keywords into your post, a decade ago you may have gotten away with this, but that kind of behaviour does not work anymore. Google’s algorithms have evolved to pick up on that type of technique, and now it looks for naturally placed keywords that are designed to be read by a human and not a machine. 


Use Professional Backlink 

Backlinks are a great way of getting your website up in the rankings. They are sort of like a reference from a good friend. If you are being vouched for as a reliable source by a website that is well regarded, you will benefit by proxy. Getting backlinks to your site on notable websites with domain authority scores of over 80 will send your own domain authority score upwards. 


A few ways into a high domain site would be to offer to fill the void of broken links on their website with your best relevant content. Nobody wants dead links, and by pointing out something that you have that is relevant, you could save them time and effort.

Score yourself another backlink by providing articles about your specialism. Provide naturally placed links back to your companies site, and you will be onto a winner. 




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