Security Worth Investing In

Security Worth Investing In

on Dec 20, 2018 in Small business

When you think about security improvements you might just be thinking about a new security alarm, a few new entry panels or even some more guards. While these steps are great there’s always more you can do to beef up your business’s security.


If you’re looking to make changes that will make your commercial property safer, look no further. We look at some key changes you can make to you create a more secure system without compromising on budget.


Inside your office you’re looking at subtle desk lamps and lighting that helps keep you awake and relaxed as you face another day at work but outside, your lights need to tell a different story. We’re talking about big, glaring security spotlights, the type that will come on when they pick up movement and scare any would-be thief out of his or her wits.


But the right lighting should do more than just switch itself on or off. The right lighting should act as a deterrent even before an unwanted visitor enters your space. Good industrial lighting will give no place to hide, so an investment in this peace of mind is well worthwhile.


Setting boundaries

Of course, there is more than lighting to deter thieves from entering your premise and perhaps none more effective than as a tall boundary marker such as fencing, railings or a gate.


You probably have one of these already guarding your building but consider commercial security upgrades to protect your premises and make it harder for anyone to get inside even before they reach your office or warehouse.



Another popular deterrent and if used correctly an effective one. Don’t scrimp on the cost of security cameras, cheaper versions will not give you the quality you’re looking for. They can be far more easily tampered with and put out of commission.


Look for cameras that are housed inside metal casing, making them harder to smash and vandalise. Look too for cameras that can work from a backup battery, should the power be suddenly lost.


Before installing them permanently, test where they should be placed to give maximum coverage of your ground space. If possible try to cover all your boundary edges but certainly any entrance and exit points.


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Once you’ve got all your security systems up and running, it’s wise to just go around the building and make sure you’re in-premises security is working just as effectively. Check window and door locks and that any electric or fob entry points aren’t too worn.


As business experts know, getting broken into can be costly and damaging to your business so by taking a few simple measures to strengthen your security systems, you can avoid turning a drama into a crisis. Make sure all security measures are inspected regularly, including fencing and lighting. Test cameras to make sure they haven’t moved and are covering all the areas you expect them to.


Do some research today and make sure your property is safer and more secure than it’s ever been before.




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